multi-site static site generator. takes markdown sites and converts to HTML sites, using pandoc

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Untitled static site generator

Multi-site static site generator! Written in POSIX sh, using Pandoc to generate HTML documents from Pandoc-variant Markdown files, with Pandoc templates, and it can generate newsfeeds/blogs with RSS. With Untitled, you can host any number of websites each with their own themes, headers, footers, navigation and everything else, all from the same instance.

Most other static site generators are not flexible enough to handle more than a few websites. Untitled's simple design (under 900 source lines of code) leans heavily on use of the templates features in Pandoc. Despite the simple design, Untitled is extremely powerful and can create many different kinds of websites.


You can download the latest version of Untitled here:\

For documentation, please also refer to the above website URL. This README is merely an introductory text, based on the homepage of the above website. The untitled website is also available in Git (the Untitled website itself is written as Markdown files, generated into HTML by Untitled!)

Pandoc can convert between many formats, but Untitled only supports converting from Markdown into HTML. It is written precisely and exclusively with the goal of making it easier for Free Software projects to create their own websites. This is to fight against the trend of crappy github-powered websites that plague the internet. It is highly desirable to see a return to the days where software projects have websites!


This software is very new, so expect some rough edges, and funky looking websites! Here are some websites that already are built using untitled:

Actually, it's not new at all. This static site generator was originally written for the Libreboot project website in 2017, but it was much simpler and even more broken than the version you're now reading about. That (very simple) generator was forked many times, across different websites, with different features added.

The untitled static site generator was created to combine the features of all the forks. Untitled static site generator was created by Leah Rowe, who also leads the Libreboot project. Untitled is heavily based on the original static site generator written by Alyssa Rosenzweig for the Libreboot website.

Untitled is Free Software. See the COPYING file included with the untitled static site generator. Learn more about Free Software:\ (basically, it means that you have control over your own copy, to do whatever you want with, and you could even fork it to make your own version if you wished)

This README file is released under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, version 1.3, as published by the Free Software Foundation with no Invariant sections, no Back Cover texts and no Front Cover texts. You can find this license here: