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The vim configuration of an avid Vim user. Go to https://vimuser.org/ for screenshots and to download the .vimrc

Updated 4 months ago

With given input voltage, target output voltage and allowed tolerance, auto-generate a list of resistor pairs to use in a resistor divider circuit. Impedance and load current is shown, so the engineer can select the best pair for their specifications.

Updated 7 months ago

old c# snake game i wrote in college years ago. works in mono under gnu+linux

Updated 2 years ago

Backup of the old GNU Libreboot mailing lists, from after Libreboot left the GNU project. The new Libreboot development mailing list is at https://libreboot.org/lists/ - libreboot's git repo is now at https://notabug.org/libreboot/

Updated 3 years ago