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fases - Ferass' Base System

Simple coreutils for a fully functionnal UNIX-like system


The fases project tries to provide friendly, functionnal and simple core utilities for a fully functionnal UNIX-like Operating System. It tries to be entirely portable and working on any UNIX-like Operating System and kernel such as OpenBSD and Linux. It also tries to be completly modular and as such one utility should not depend on another in order to work. The coreutils are still a work-in-progress.


The fases project is still incomplete as some utilities are missing, here's what fases currently provides:

(n: not implemented, i: implemented)


  • [i] Lists files.

  • [i] -a

  • [i] -A

  • [i] -C

  • [n] Other options.


  • [i] Prints file until a specific line.

  • [i] Defaults to 10.

  • [i] -n NUMBER


  • [i] Prints file to stdin.

  • [n] -u.


  • [i] Spams 'y'.

  • [i] Spams any other string specified by the user.


  • [i] Shows date by default.

  • [n] Formats date.

Other utilities are still in the making. Help is greatly appreciated.

Known bugs

The fases project is still a Work-in-progress and as such, there are bugs. Please do report bugs to me, via IRC, email, or even by using issues.

Bug Affected utility/utilities
Weird characters at the end of the output cat


You have 2 choices:

  • compile each utility separately;

  • compile only fasesiab which includes all utilities in a single binary.

Modify the file to fit your needs in both cases.

Compiling each utility separately

For example to compile cat, you have to run the following:

$ cd src/cat
$ make

And to install it, you have to run one of the 2 commands:

Run only one of the two commands! 
$ doas make install # Install as /usr/bin/cat
$ doas make install-alongside # Install as /usr/bin/cat-fases

Compiling fasesiab

Fasesiab stands for Ferass' Base System in a box. It includes the entire coreutils in a single and tiny binary.

First, go into the src/fasesiab folder:

$ cd src/fasesiab

Before compiling, you have to generate the main.c file which, prior to the generation, contains nothing.

Run the following to generate the file:

$ make gen

Then verify if it all went successfully by opening the file, the file should now have actual code along with a comment containing the date of generation.

Now you're ready to compile! Run make and get a binary!

$ make


Documentation can be found inside the man/ directory; run man to render them. Documentation isn't complete yet though, but most utilities are POSIX-compliant so they should work the same (if the utility is fully implemented of course).