FreeBSD ports tree

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A WebProxy Based on JsProxy

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A Rust binding for the Tk graphics toolkit

Updated 5 hours ago

a Single File Graph layout library in c and Java or python

Updated 5 hours ago

An independent GNU/Linux-Libre distribution trying to keep it simple

Updated 5 hours ago

gentoo overlay

Updated 5 hours ago

System configuration (Guix, Emacs, StumpWM, etc.)

Updated 5 hours ago

Un simple moteur de jeu ressemblant à Earthbound/Mother3

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FreeBSD src tree

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An opinionated gemini and pleroma client with a TUI interface

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Project home: Original repository at:

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Useful PKGBUILDs, scripts and other software to be used with Hyperbola OS.

Updated 11 hours ago

cl-i18n is a gettext-style internationalization framework for Common Lisp.

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Advanced Keto 1500 includes full-spectrum BHB ketone salts and is advertised to be a potent keto weight loss formula that helps to quickly burn body fat. It’s 100% natural, effective, and causes no side effects.

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Operation System Course

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Official webpage source

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