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SlackBuilds for Slackware Current.

Updated 26 minutes ago

An experimental programming language.

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Linux-Kurs Assets

Updated 4 hours ago

A practical openGl project

Updated 5 hours ago

A repo to share c experiences.

Updated 6 hours ago

A Simple-English-like 'simple' conlang/language for the whole world to communicate with. محاولة at a bhasha for rahisi cross-mtu talking através the space-ball-rete

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Cheat sheets, customizations and configurations I use across multiple systems.

Updated 14 hours ago

Attempt to a Libre 3D RPG with Python, Panda3d, Bullet and LUI.

Updated 15 hours ago

A simple, modern and easy-to-use CSS framework that's against abusing <div> tags and inline classes.

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Updated 15 hours ago

Codebase básica e orientada a objetos para aprendizado do framework Meedo.

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yet another game of life

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Updated 17 hours ago

Collection of nix shells. For more information see https://nixos.org

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