Remove ethereal mod but don't break your world

Updated 42 minutes ago

Codes that need to be saved for future... just in case

Updated 1 hour ago

The AgarHub server code

Updated 1 hour ago

Backup repository for the optional blocklists for CIDRAM.

Updated 2 hours ago

Configuration of dot files

Updated 2 hours ago


Updated 4 hours ago

FreeBSD ports tree

Updated 5 hours ago

FreeBSD src tree

Updated 5 hours ago

Hi, Open Valley wants to be an Open Source version (not a clone) of Stardew Valley, with Flare and Liberated Pixel Cup, present on -

Updated 6 hours ago

A simple, machine-readable file to describe the license of all files in a folder and its sub-folders.

Updated 7 hours ago

Adds mulch, bonemeal and fertilizer to Minetest to quick grow crops and saplings

Updated 8 hours ago

IRC bot written in golang

Updated 9 hours ago

PKGBUILDs used for my personal repository, including my AUR packages

Updated 10 hours ago

Backup of my zines and their associated files.

Updated 11 hours ago

Back ups of my collage works.

Updated 13 hours ago

GNU GPL Free C++ directed graph layout library

Updated 14 hours ago

Xanmod kernel templates for Void Linux

Updated 14 hours ago

An OSGi BundleActivator that uses reflection to find JSR 330 Provider implementations and injects to provide and consume OSGi services.

Updated 16 hours ago

Lucky Block mod for Minetest

Updated 18 hours ago

Bows & Arrows mod for Minetest

Updated 18 hours ago