This is the code behind Tildes, a non-profit community site. The official repository is located on GitLab

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A free and cloudless replacement for your gadget vendors' closed source Android applications. Supports Pebble, Mi Band, Liveview, HPlus and more.

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OBS - Free and open source software for live streaming and screen recording

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transform a text and markdown into static website

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Mirror of for browsability.

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GitLab Community Edition (CE) is an open source end-to-end software development platform with built-in version control, issue tracking, code review, CI/CD, and more. Self-host GitLab CE on your own servers, in a container, or on a cloud provider.

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Mirror of GNU Guix

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RHash is a console utility for computing and verifying hash sums of files. It supports CRC32, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, SHA3, Tiger, TTH, Torrent BTIH, AICH, ED2K, GOST R 34.11-94, RIPEMD-160, HAS-160, EDON-R 256/512, WHIRLPOOL and SNEFRU hash sums.

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Nano is designed to be a low latency, high throughput cryptocurrency

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AV1 from Alliance for Open Media: Google, Mozilla,, Cisco, ...

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lanodanOverlay: Additionnal goals; experiments, necromancy, portability, diversity, … // Buts additionnels; Expérimentations, nécromancie, portabilitée, diversitée, …

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