Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Leah Rowe 69ccd4f53c support use-case scenario where / is the blog 2 months ago
  Leah Rowe 3eda9b2c2e do not error out if BLOGDIR doesn't exist. just skip mknews instead 3 months ago
  shaggy 486e1e30a0 leah is stupid 3 months ago
  Leah Rowe 8effdd4b8c allow non-title to be title too 3 months ago
  Leah Rowe 80fe483a58 allow use of normal titles in files started with # 3 months ago
  Leah Rowe 8e5841dd7c fix printf error on news articles 3 months ago
  Leah Rowe 75be259eb4 silence output of "which" command when choosing which hasher to use 3 months ago
  Leah Rowe a4e21e2d95 build: remove TODO lines. this is being moved to the new site 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe ac64ce53d4 nuke most of the README. I'm now setting up 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe daaccbe13a improve the readme 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe 65e89e712c support building individual pages 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe 92a87ef180 make language code less cursed (it still is cursed) 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe e25d5c327c don't use LANG as variable name for page language 4 months ago
  shaggy 44cdb9ac0e shaggy again, cleaning leah's mess. leah screwed up 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe 8cfd934fc7 error out if supported hasher not found 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe 02692b8691 build: use xxhsum if available. fall back on sha1sum if not 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe b2c7987bbd don't be biased towards sha1sum 4 months ago
  shaggy 73df2aa028 don't run sha1sum twice! 4 months ago
  shaggy 0c5e56cbc9 be less verbose 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe ce9c45938c leah is a moron. shaggy made this commit 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe 09e54d2dac be verbose about detecting site changes 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe e0bd0a8f9c don't purge when build/clean scripts have changed 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe 3f571bfd57 build: improve commenting of code 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe 784f78b6f7 greatly simplify the logic for detecting site changes 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe 4e751835bb build: clean up some code formatting, make it nicer to read 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe 54e5e5e090 clean: also delete site.cfg.sha1sum 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe 10b5b7dbf8 clean: update to match documentation. check symlinks, delete sha1sum files 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe cd15e2d9fe add note about sitemap.include in the README 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe 34ba8a9f60 exclude .git/ when using the find command on site directories 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe c6b82ea858 show a friendly message if a site hasn't been modified 4 months ago