Vector animation editor written in modern C++ from scratch

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RainyNite studio

RainyNite is a free/libre software vector animation tool, currently in early development.

It is not really usable by end users at the moment, but developers are highly welcome.

Usage examples


sunrise editing screenshot bouncing ball editing screenshot

Build instructions

These instructions assume unix-like environment.

(currently all instructions for all modules are described here; eventually, it will be split between repos and there will be one central repo with build script(s))

The build process itself is usual CMake procedure, but there are quite a few dependencies and code is split across repositories.




  • lib2geom (yes, you need my fork at the moment; also you need to build & install dynamic library)
  • boost
  • fmt
  • catch (bundled in repository)
  • rapidjson (bundled as git module)


Runtime renderer dependency:

  • Inkscape - used to render SVG output of RainyNite "renderer"; can be replaced with other command line SVG renderer

Build process

See For the detailed build instructions.