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ZeroNet mirror

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Свободные переводы Осаму Дадзая. Libre translations of Osamu Dazai, currently in russian, but there's a possibility of english version

Updated 1 month ago

Repo of my site that can currently be reached on and in zeronet on

Updated 2 months ago

2d animation app - the new beginnings

Updated 4 months ago

a repo for small, messy scripts that do not warrant individual ones

Updated 6 months ago

2D vector animation editor written from scratch in modern C++ & Qt

Updated 7 months ago

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My dev branches of agda (i.e. mostly a mirror)

Updated 7 months ago

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RapidJSON mirror

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libstudxml mirror

Updated 11 months ago

2D vector animation core

Updated 1 year ago

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RainyNite: 2d vector animation tool written from scratch in modern C++ & Qt // united repository

Updated 1 year ago

Sample files for RainyNite animation tool

Updated 1 year ago