As LBRY Desktop and are bloated mess of .JS files. I want to make a few new clients to talk to this network. I like the network. I don't like the UI implementation of the main branch.

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An LBRY network is amazing. The only problem is, to interact with it you need to either use the LBRY Desktop application, or to use which are quite bloated for the kind of applications that they are. I don't blame them. They are trying make the presentation of it work nicely. And for it the easiest way it to build your own custom UI using something like JavaScript.

Decentralized protocols don't live much without people building apps upon them. Email has a lot of implementations. Matrix has a ton of clients developed by different people. ActivityPub with FreeTube and Mastodon makes for an interesting place to be. But LBRY? LBRY Desktop or Odysee... Which are basically just a theme setting apart from each other.

This application will be a set of very organized scripts written in python to provide users with a way to interact with the LBRY protocol. If anybody wants to contribute into hacking it, help is needed.

To do list!

  • Commit the initial, hack-able, running script.
  • Start and End the lbrynet SDK.
  • Basic search to find LBRY links.
  • Complex search to find thing you actually need.
  • Get broader data about a publication.
  • Download a publication
  • List all channel's publications
  • Read text articles right in the terminal
  • Login (kind of possible)
  • Read wallet history
  • Change setting in your own publications.
  • Upload new stuff.

Optional nice to have things

  • Replace the SDK binary ( flbry/lbrynet ) with a running python implementation. To make the whole thing be source code.


The LBRY SDK used for this project is under the MIT license. The rest of the project is under the GNU General Public License Version 3 or any later version. To read the legal code of the license go to LICENSE file.

Contact information

  • Reporting bugs and Feature Requests you can do using the issue tracker
  • Discuss Potential Ideas and Chat about the project you can do on our Matrix Group (

Contribution guidelines

See in the end for information about the code structure it self. and how you can start hacking it.

  • Code should be readable easily. Easily understandable.
  • Don't hesitate to write whole articles in the comments.
  • Try thinking about users being dumb and preventing errors.