Jeison Yehuda Amihud (Blender Dumbass) jyamihud

A GTK version of the FastLBRY program

Updated 1 week ago

Here I gonna host various little printable documents. Usually to promote Free Software in some way or another.

Updated 2 weeks ago

A search tool for free software replacements.

Updated 4 weeks ago

A science fiction book about memory and emotion.

Updated 2 months ago

As LBRY Desktop and are bloated mess of .JS files. I want to make a few new clients to talk to this network. I like the network. I don't like the UI implementation of the main branch.

Updated 3 months ago

A little script to populate the end of your publications (on LBRY / Odysee) with your supported comments.

Updated 3 months ago

A trouble-shooter for python dependencies.

Updated 3 months ago

HTML client for LBRY ( Part of FastLBRY project ) AGPL

Updated 3 months ago

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VCStudio (also known as Blender-organizer.) is a tool to organize animation projects. Primarily designed to work with Blender.

Updated 7 months ago

PIxel art for the I'm not even human game project.

Updated 7 months ago

This is a project of a book. - martix chat

Updated 9 months ago

This is my repository to store a source code copies of my web sites. That I might or might not publish.

Updated 11 months ago

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Updated 1 year ago

Screenshots for the wikis and update pages.

Updated 1 year ago

In this repository I will post all kinds of Renders and Wallpapers related to the other projects. All the work in this repository are under CC-BY-SA

Updated 1 year ago