A GTK version of the FastLBRY program

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FastLBRY Icon


FastLBRY is a project for accessing the LBRY Network, but instead of using their bloated Electron Based apps, we are using GTK; Terminal and in future planning to build an HTML5 self hostable client.


The project is under the GNU General Public License Version 3 or any later version. One part ( the LBRY SDK executable ) is under the Expat License, also known as the MIT. The source code and the license of the SDK you can find here.


Keep in mind that this project will share a lot of code with the FastLBRY Terminal and some features that are not yet available here, might be already available there and vice versa. I do not guarantee that all features will be mirrored between the two.

To do list

This is a to-do list for the GTK version only.

  • Hackable working GTK window.
  • Connect / Disconnect LBRY SDK
  • Search Publications Issue #2
  • Download / Launch / Watch Publications Issue #3
  • Comments Issue #4
  • Plugin system Issue #5

For more things to do, look at the user submitted issues.

Matrix Chat Room

To chat with the developers and users of FastLBRY ( all versions ) you can use the Matrix Chat room FastLBRY:matrix.org. Keep in mind that all offtopic messages are done in a separate room #BlenderDumbassChat:matrix.org.