I'm not even human game project. This repo contains both the game assets as well as the custom engine.

Updated 4 weeks ago

I will submit translations to this repo

Updated 9 months ago

As LBRY Desktop and Odysee.com are bloated mess of .JS files. I want to make a few new clients to talk to this network. I like the network. I don't like the UI implementation of the main branch.

Updated 10 months ago

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Trying to host a simple web page on git.

Updated 1 year ago

Repo contains links to tech-related channels, also includes non-tech(comedy & music). But main focus is tech. Feel free to contribute. This will be published on ayyzee.net/posts/best-video-channels-to-watch-april-2021/

Updated 1 year ago

The dotfiles that I use on my main system. They are messy and spaghetti. This is just for my reference and I'll make it better as time goes by.

Updated 1 year ago

This is a simple python discord bot that I wrote that allows my friends and I to turn on and off a minecraft server. It works by executing a shell command to launch the server. It can also be used for other servers and applications but I have not tested.

Updated 1 year ago