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Interesting SQL scripts for Sql Server.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Fetch the list of banned IPs from the database. Use ipset list to get the current list of banned IPs. Add any new banned IPs from the database to ipset.

Updated 2 months ago

The MySQL BigInt isn't that big. 64 bits. If you want to store larger numbers, store them as text. But what if you want to add numbers stored in text? This procedure adds two text numbers of any size and returns the result as text.

Updated 5 months ago offers a free feature where you can point your domain name at your home PC. If your IP address changes, this script will detect it and use the DNS Exit Dynamic IP API to update the IP address of your domain name.

Updated 5 months ago

Shows the stack trace (file name/function name/line number) when a critical error crashes your program.

Updated 6 months ago

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websocket is a chatroom websocket server. Written in C++ using libwebsockets:

Updated 6 months ago

A procedure to list recent deadlocks on sql server. Another procedure to cause a deadlock.

Updated 6 months ago

Graphics User Interface for the Raspberry Pi command line omxplayer audio/video player

Updated 6 months ago

Copy files from one computer to another to make a backup. Only copies changed files. Also finds moved files.

Updated 6 months ago