Milis Linux milisarge

Updated 3 months ago

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experimental lasp/partisan elixir implementation for Milis Linux dht service

Updated 6 months ago

Lider-Ahenk Uygulaması Milis Çalışması

Updated 7 months ago

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Komutan is for Milis Linux management from shell and web

Updated 8 months ago

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Geliştirilebilir İşlevsel Operasyonel Muhasebe

Updated 9 months ago

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Distributed Defence System

Updated 10 months ago

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Medicine Suggestion System

Updated 10 months ago

elixir http server for testing

Updated 11 months ago

Milis Linux is based on Linux From Stratch with own package manager called mps (milis packaging system) bash coded.Milis Linux aims to develop libre things.

Updated 1 year ago

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to be merged into upstream SylvieLorxu/PyPass

Updated 2 years ago