Milis Linux milisarge

Updated 5 months ago

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experimental lasp/partisan elixir implementation for Milis Linux dht service

Updated 8 months ago

Lider-Ahenk Uygulaması Milis Çalışması

Updated 9 months ago

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Komutan is for Milis Linux management from shell and web

Updated 10 months ago

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Geliştirilebilir İşlevsel Operasyonel Muhasebe

Updated 11 months ago

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Distributed Defence System

Updated 1 year ago

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Medicine Suggestion System

Updated 1 year ago

elixir http server for testing

Updated 1 year ago

Milis Linux is based on Linux From Stratch with own package manager called mps (milis packaging system) bash coded.Milis Linux aims to develop libre things.

Updated 2 years ago

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to be merged into upstream SylvieLorxu/PyPass

Updated 3 years ago