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This is my first account and repository at I'm impressed with Notabug because of Trisquel Forum, Uruk, avideo/youtube-dl, and another FSDG-related developers. I support Free Software Movement as well as Free Software Distribution Guidelines by FSF. I'm inspired by FSF's Directory wiki, a database of all free software worldwide, the one and only in this world. I use Trisquel GNU/Linux to educate myself and use it to teach free software on my place.

This repository exists solely for creating My Personal Free Software Wiki. This wiki contains my own wiki pages, the long awaited ones: List of Free Software, List of Proprietary Software, and Comparison of Nonfree and Free Software. This wiki made easy so non-technical computer users can instantly understand and practice it in the daily life.

This wiki is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 or at your option GNU Free Documentation License 1.3.