Comparison of Nonfree and Free Software
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This page compares free and nonfree software. For list of free software only, see here. For list of proprietary software only, see here.

This is a list of nonfree software compared to free software for all computer purposes daily. This list made easy so everyone can easily identify whether a software is nonfree and instantly know the free replacement for it. This list encourages all computer users to refuse nonfree software listed here, and use instead the free replacements. This list does not promote nor encourage nonfree software listed here unless solely to make people know they are nonfree to finally refuse them all.

Note: the term 'proprietary' is the same as 'nonfree'.

Category Proprietary Software Free Software
Video editor Adobe Premiere Kdenlive
Office suite Microsoft Office LibreOffice
Web browser Google Chrome GNU IceCat
Image editor (bitmap) Adobe Photoshop GIMP
Image editor (vector) CorelDRAW Inkscape
Desktop publishing Adobe InDesign Scribus
Download manager Internet Download Manager (IDM) Persepolis Download Manager (PDM)
Archive manager WinRAR File Roller
Image Viewer IrfanView Shotwell
2D animation Macromedia Flash MX Synfig Studio
3D animation 3D Studio Max Blender
3D globe Google Earth KDE Marble
CD burner Nero Burning ROM K3B
Audio player WinAmp Audacious
Video player GOM Player VLC
Audio editor FruityLoops Audacity
Mathematics simulator MATLAB Scilab
Text editor Notepad Gedit
Text editor (for programming) Notepad++ Geany
Integrated development environment Sublime Text Qt Creator
Programming framework Microsoft Visual Basic (VB) Qt Framework
Java implementation OracleJDK OpenJDK
Project management Microsoft Project ProjectLibre
Diagram drawing Microsoft Visio GNOME Dia
Web authoring Adobe Dreamweaver KompoZer

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