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--- CNC-Control
--- Fully Open Source CNC remote control device

Copyright (c) 2009-2013 Michael Buesch

--- Integrating CNC-Control into LinuxCNC ---

LinuxCNC 2.5.x or later is required.

Integration into LinuxCNC is easy, because the CNC-Control HAL file is pretty
much selfcontained. Just copy the driver/cnccontrol.hal file to your LinuxCNC
configuration directory. Then modify your .ini file to load the new .hal file.
LinuxCNC can load multiple HAL files. So all that is needed usually is to add
a line like this
HALFILE = cnccontrol.hal
to the end of the [HAL] section of your .ini file. Add the new HALFILE line
below any exitsing HALFILE line.

To install the HAL driver, just go to the "driver" subdirectory and run the
sudo -i # become root
make install
commands. This will install the driver. It will also install a sudo script
to /etc/sudoers.d/zzz-cnccontrol, which is required for the driver to have
access permissions to the USB device.
Note that "sudo" needs to be installed on the system and support for the
/etc/sudoers.d/ directory must available.
If sudo is not installed, install it with
aptitude install sudo
If your system does not support the sudoers.d directory, you need to manually
adjust your suoders file. In most cases you just need to append the
contents of the zzz-cnccontrol file to your /etc/sudoers file. Use visudo
to edit the sudoers file.

All configuration of the CNC-Control device can be done through the
cnccontrol.hal file. Just look into the file and read the comments.