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sajolida f60564b7a8 Phrasing 4 years ago
auto 208244ee0a Enable contrib and non-free for our own repos. 4 years ago
bin ddb32d5788 import-package: support contrib and non-free sections. 4 years ago
config 1509f6172e Bump torproject APT snapshot. 4 years ago
data 42355ed42a apt-get wrapper: purge and remove actions can trigger the installation (and thus, the download) of packages. 5 years ago
debian 83ddae5639 Mark Tails 2.9.1 as released. 4 years ago
features 991bfb2f32 Add "external" anti-test and test to the MAT's PNG test. 4 years ago
lib f848aafcff Add a symlink from lib/python3/tailslib to the corresponding submodule's checkout. 6 years ago
po 85b95d84ee Update PO files. 4 years ago
submodules 197258815a Update pythonlib submodule. 4 years ago
vagrant 8a6933ecab Merge branch 'master' into stable 4 years ago
wiki f60564b7a8 Phrasing 4 years ago
.gitignore d3d052a3dc Make Git ignore *.apt-sources files. 4 years ago
.gitmodules b3e0e57bb6 Build and install the out-of-tree aufs4 module. 4 years ago
COPYING 0398f2aa2d Add GPL-3 in the COPYING file. 10 years ago
Changelog b379239a12 converted Changelog to the Debian format and location, updated scripts accordingly 11 years ago
README a81e686ebc added a README symlink at the root of the source directory 11 years ago
Rakefile b9f8f6f251 Rakefile: fail when encountering unknown options. 4 years ago
build-website 7546e437cb renamed: build-wiki -> build-website 5 years ago
doc 345a927fbd initial source tree import 11 years ago
ikiwiki-cgi.setup a459578c5d Enable ikiwiki's "deterministic" option, and require it when building. 4 years ago
ikiwiki.setup a459578c5d Enable ikiwiki's "deterministic" option, and require it when building. 4 years ago
import-translations 161d24e880 import-translations: add support for Onion Circuits translatations' Git repo layout. 4 years ago
refresh-translations 9e32460fb3 intltool-update --report is buggy. 4 years ago
release a55ca3b643 Only mark version as "released" when building the final ISO image. 4 years ago
run_test_suite 349a5a89df Replace --pause-on-fail with --interactive-debugging. 4 years ago