Commit History

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  Astound 55a8e50d6a Fix plyr hash version into embed 2 months ago
  Astound 810dff999e Set flexible responsive video 2 months ago
  Astound 4da91fb972 update plyr 2 months ago
  Astound 874ac0a0ac Add autoplay to plyr 2 months ago
  Astound 89ae1e265b Refactor captions logic in Plyr video player initialization 2 months ago
  Astound 00bd9fee6f Add autoplay functionality in Plyr video player 2 months ago
  Astound b215e2a3b2 Add setting to autoplay videos 2 months ago
  Astound 97972d6fa3 Fix like count extraction 2 months ago
  Astound 6ae20bb1f5 Add option to always use integrated sources 2 months ago
  Astound 5f3b90ad45 Fix channel about tab 2 months ago
  Astound 2463af7685 subscriptions: Update live/upcoming/premier durations upon check 2 months ago
  Astound 86bb312d6d Subscriptions: Fix exceptions when videos are missing upload dates 2 months ago
  Astound 964b99ea40 Fix comment replies not working 2 months ago
  Astound 51a1693789 Fix comment count extraction due to 'K/M' postfixes 2 months ago
  Astound ca4a735692 Add settings for filtering out shorts in subscriptions and channels 2 months ago
  Astound 2140f48919 Subscriptions: Use playlist method to get channel videos 2 months ago
  Astound 4be01d3964 Put back sort by oldest logic since YouTube added it back 2 months ago
  Astound b45e3476c8 channels: Use the UU playlist to get videos by default 2 months ago
  Astound d591956baa ylist: show 100 videos per page instead of 20 2 months ago
  Jesus 6011a08cdf v0.2.6 7 months ago
  Jesus 83af4ab0d7 Fix comment count not extracted sometimes 7 months ago
  Jesus 5594d017e2 Fix related vids, like_count, playlist sometimes missing 7 months ago
  Jesus 8f9c5eeb48 Fix 403s 1 minute into videos 7 months ago
  Jesus 89e21302e3 fix syntax error 7 months ago
  Jesus cb4ceefada Filter out translated audio tracks 7 months ago
  Jesus E c4cc5cecbf update 9 months ago
  Jesus E cc8f30eba2 Relax error and send error_code to template 9 months ago
  Jesus E 6740afd6a0 version 0.2.5 9 months ago
  Jesus E 63c0f4aa8f Fix typo 9 months ago
  Jesus E 8908dc138f Set related videos thumbnail to HQ 9 months ago