Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Astound 0dc1747178 update version 0.2.16 1 day ago
  Astound 8577164785 update client params 1 day ago
  Astound 8af98968dd Refactoring code and reuse INNERTUBE_CLIENTS 1 day ago
  Astound 8f00cbcdd6 update 1 day ago
  Astound af75551bc2 update 1 day ago
  Astound 3a6cc1e44f version 0.2.15 2 weeks ago
  Astound 7664b5f0ff normalize css 2 weeks ago
  Astound ec5d236cad fix color dark theme 2 weeks ago
  Astound d6b7a255d0 v0.2.14 2 weeks ago
  Astound 22bc7324db css normalize 2 weeks ago
  Astound 48e8f271e7 update styles to modern 2 weeks ago
  Astound 9a0ad6070b version 0.2.13 2 weeks ago
  Astound 6039589f24 Update `android` params 2 weeks ago
  Astound d4cba7eb6c version 0.2.12 3 weeks ago
  Astound 70cb453280 Set 'ios' client to bypass 3 weeks ago
  Astound 7a106331e7 update 3 weeks ago
  Astound 8775e131af Temporal fix: all requests with ANDROID client get redirected to aQvGIIdgFDM video, hence the different "content not available" 3 weeks ago
  Astound 1f16f7cb62 version 0.2.11 3 weeks ago
  Astound 80b7f3cd00 Update user-agents and update android client parameters to fix blockage 3 weeks ago
  Astound 8b79e067bc update 1 month ago
  Astound cda0627d5a version 0.2.10 1 month ago
  Astound ad40dd6d6b update requirements 1 month ago
  Astound b91d53dc6f Use response.headers instead of response.getheaders() 1 month ago
  Astound cda4fd1f26 version 0.2.9 1 month ago
  Astound ff2a2edaa5 generate_release: Fix wrong (32bit) MSVCR included for 64 bitInsert the 64 bit microsoft visual C runtime for 64 bit releases 1 month ago
  Astound 38d8d5d4c5 av-merge: Retry more than once for timeouts 1 month ago
  Astound f010452abf Update android client version to fix 400 Bad Request 1 month ago
  Astound ab93f8242b bump v0.2.8 2 months ago
  Astound 1505414a1a Update Plyr custom styles for menu container 2 months ago
  Astound c04d7c9a24 Adjust Plyr custom styles for video preview thumbnail 2 months ago