Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jesús 66b2b20007 update public instance 1 year ago
  James Taylor 2e5a1133e3 Work around video throttling using android user-agent 1 year ago
  Jesús ec5e995262 about public instances 1 year ago
  Jesús 2fe0b5e539 Improve input styles 1 year ago
  Jesús 896655ddbd version 0.2.1 1 year ago
  Jesús f3469b1ff4 Revert "Usage hqdefault thumbnail in related videos" 1 year ago
  Jesús c5dce849f1 version 0.2.0 1 year ago
  Jesús a0c3ca0159 Usage hqdefault thumbnail in related videos 1 year ago
  Jesús d116351aed update 1 year ago
  Jesús 8b745907cc improve quality-select 1 year ago
  Jesús ecb8d406f8 change tor port and app port 1 year ago
  Jesús d2d6e4e56d fix name app 1 year ago
  Jesús 82e82b1cb7 change path config 1 year ago
  Jesús f129cfcc9a playlist: add license to javascript code 1 year ago
  Mageas 66f396ce32 Add a button to remove playlist 1 year ago
  Jesús 88803ced44 version 0.1.1 1 year ago
  James Taylor 3066f9a37e Support /shorts urls 1 year ago
  James Taylor 9c7e93ecf8 Redo av codec settings & selections to accomodate webm 1 year ago
  James Taylor 854ab81b91 av-merge: Add webm support 1 year ago
  James Taylor 2360958862 Subscriptions manager: Make file input required 1 year ago
  Jesús 02480553b6 update 1 year ago
  James Taylor cd3383e6e3 Add NewPipe subscriptions import and export 1 year ago
  James Taylor fc0fa9aaba av-merge: Fix segments not properly reappended during QuotaExceeded 1 year ago
  Jesús 06e091e020 watch.js: video variable as const and improve data.time_start syntax 1 year ago
  Jesús 7143e1b321 plyr: use strict and fix undefined quality variable 1 year ago
  Jesús 98d9b35765 plyr: minor fix 1 year ago
  Jesús 676536a294 embed: plyr shasum update 1 year ago
  Jesús 1632ab5cda plyr: remove 1 year ago
  James Taylor 12561c0ed3 av-merge: Specify which of MediaSource, audio, or video are unsupported 1 year ago
  James Taylor 5bf4c284a5 subscriptions: Support new subscriptions.csv format 1 year ago