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Halcyon for Mastodon and Pleroma

A webclient for Mastodon and Pleroma which looks like Twitter

The original author of this genius piece of software was inactive for a while and then shut down his demo instance and deleted this repository. I love Halcyon, it's the thing which makes Mastodon the best social network in the world. I took the code from the Halcyon fork of which still works but doesn't seem to get updates, too. I uploaded it here to make the original link work again and don't link into the big nothing. I'm working on much other stuff, too, therefore I won't use my whole free time to work on Halcyon. But I try to do as much as possible here.

Stay tuned

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  • Twitter like UI, familiar interface.
  • Able to use on all instances.
  • No tracking, No ads.
  • Supports multiple languages


Install Halcyon with YunoHost
or read our new wiki pages to install it manually:


  • Release of Version 2.1.6 - Added search suggestions,fixed autocomplete bug,added instance info page,fixed small bug in profile settings,search for posts now supported
  • Release of Version 2.1.5 - Added support for filter,added possibility to filter all bots,it's now easier to detect bots
  • Release of Version 2.1.4 - Added custom profile fields,verified links,custom profile link settings and improved regular expressions for links
  • Release of Version 2.1.3 - Added a autocomplete feature for usernames,hashtags and emojis,fixed a bug in the emoji picker (didn't open sometimes)
  • Release of Version 2.1.2 - Added toot to @someone button to profiles,remove blocked and muted people from who to follow,improved German translation
  • Release of Version 2.1.1 - Profile settings can be changed again,fixed various Firefox-only bugs,Removed error if browser sends no language
  • Release of Version 2.1.0 - Introducing lists and more
  • Release of Version 2.0.2 - Added dark theme,improved Japanese translation,added Galician translation,links to posts open in Halcyon now,smaller screens supported
  • Release of Version 2.0.1 - Added the languages Polish,Japanese and Korean,fixed many bugs,automatically mention all participants of discussions
  • Release of Version 2.0.0 - The biggest changes in detail
  • Release of Version 1.2.6 - Report toots supported,disable CW and NFSW,add privacy policy and imprint,move config files,read release notes for more
  • Release of Version 1.2.5 - Copy links with one click,emojicodes now always detected,streaming in hashtag search,delete event now supported
  • Release of Version 1.2.4 - Updated Twemoji,custom emojis in names and bios,links to profiles in pleroma now always work,pinned posts now supported
  • Release of Version 1.2.3 - All emojis do now work,fixed some bugs in the Nginx example config,fixed Windows-only design bug,improved text field performance
  • Release of Version 1.2.2 - Added an emoji picker,improved performance (emoji rendering),desktop notifications on notifications page work now
  • Release of Version 1.2.1 - New who to follow page with more recommendations,bugfix at search,profiles now ignore "show replies" setting,small login page changes
  • Release of Version 1.2.0 - The next big step and a view into future
  • Our move from Github to NotABug
  • Release of Version 1.1.7 - Fixed some bugs in compatibility with Pleroma,text fields now autoresizable,stopped undefined socket tries on profile pages
  • Release of Version 1.1.6 - Complete rewrite of the "who to follow" function using an API - Change of config.ini needed!
  • Release of Version 1.1.5 - Introduced the new Idempotency-Key Header and fixed an bug allowing XSS with the display name
  • Release of Version 1.1.4 - Automatically reconnect on bad connection,now supports desktop notifications,added ... at the end of shortened links
  • Release of Version 1.1.3 - New function link previews introduced and bug when replying an toot which already has replies below it fixed (reply to undefined)
  • Release of Version 1.1.2 - Privacy modes are now correctly displayed and used for replies,use username if display name doesn't exist,bugs on search page fixed
  • Release of Version 1.1.1 - Fixed error 404 when viewing profile of own instance,numbers below profile on the left do now change during session,added nginx config
  • Release of Version 1.1.0 and upcoming features
  • Release of Version 1.0.3 - "Who to follow" doesn't show people you already follow anymore and design of preferences and search bar is now much better
  • Release of Version 1.0.2 - Fixed a Firefox-only bug and some wrong links, added version info and an annoying cookie notice (sorry, but that's EU law)
  • Release of Version 1.0.1 - Two bugfixes
  • Release of Version 1.0.0