Commit History

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  nipos 41daa86934 Add block and mute management,add management for follow requests,add Catalan translation 15 hours ago
  nipos 0d502c529a Replace blog links with the new blog 2 days ago
  nipos b2dd506688 Add Dutch translation,allow adding more toots to editor,many bugfixes 1 week ago
  nipos 63f260dc16 Replace translate link and add blog article about Zanata outage 2 weeks ago
  nipos 33ea924f1d Add link to newest blog article 1 month ago
  nipos dd7ebb31f3 Add full support for polls,remove whitespace when using full image height,improve toot counter,remove bar between unrelated posts 1 month ago
  nipos 61213b5628 Add French translation,improve German translation,add support for video captions,add support for video thumbnails 2 months ago
  nipos 068546b84e Switch between pictures,full-height pictures in timeline,remove duplicated threads,many small bugfixes 2 months ago
  nipos e75fac8cbe Fixed login with Pleroma,fixed compatibility with Pawoo (older Mastodon),added support for prefers-color-scheme,some more fixes 2 months ago
  nipos 8619a1acbe Fix scrollbars,autocomplete,add emojis at cursor,confirm before closing compose,add Czech translation 3 months ago
  nipos d27e451723 Bugfixes,Pleroma compatibility,translation updates 3 months ago
  nipos 85c7fd08c0 Added link to the blog article 4 months ago
  nipos 19379369a3 Added new media players with support for audio and third party services 4 months ago
  nipos 50374458f7 Added search suggestions,added instance info page,fixed bugs in profile and autocomplete,search for post urls now possible 5 months ago
  nipos 04ac8d810e Added filters,filters for all bots and added a icon for bots 5 months ago
  nipos b630910558 Forgot to mention improved RegExps in changelog 6 months ago
  nipos ca3c83dced Added custom profile fields,added support for verified links,added custom field settings 6 months ago
  nipos bea1000cbf Added YunoHost install button to the readme file 6 months ago
  nipos 1aede4c471 Added autocomplete for usernames,hashtags and emojis and fixed a bug in the emoji picker 6 months ago
  nipos db7afd4430 Improved German translation,added toot to @username buttons to profiles,removed blocked and muted people from who to follow 7 months ago
  nipos e3a90b16ee Profile settings work again,various Firefox-only fixes,removed error if browser sends no language 7 months ago
  nipos b81a0c6109 Introduced lists feature,separate page for direct messages,other optimizations 7 months ago
  nipos 098e6bb714 Added dark theme,added Galician translation,improved Japanese translation,links to posts open in Halcyon,... 8 months ago
  nipos 42246c9784 Added Polish,Japanese and Korean,fixed bugs,automatically mention all in discussions 9 months ago
  nipos 8ba7b39126 Added a new instance and updated versions 9 months ago
  nipos 0c82b1e64e Added multiple language support,removed third party requests 9 months ago
  nipos 1987707d32 Fixed an bug in the readme 9 months ago
  nipos ee5b30aa00 DO NOT UPDATE - Copy of current development state for another contributor to help with translations - NO ready to use version 9 months ago
  nipos 11aa4f2edf Updated versions on the instances list 9 months ago
  nipos 515b2c45ce imprint,privacy,report toots,nginx config,header+footer links,disable CW+NSFW,encoding bug 9 months ago