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  nipos dfdfccc044 Update version and readme 6 months ago
  nipos 82ae0882d1 View state of ongoing polls,Fix some links,fix search for urls,add Chinese translation,update media API 6 months ago
  nipos eabad44fea Add support for bookmarks,add support for announcements,add support for emoji reactions 10 months ago
  nipos aadcb94355 Repair emoji autocomplete,repair YouPlay,improve Invidious embed,change Vinayaka instance,add Bibliogram and NoFB redirects 11 months ago
  nipos 6ffa5dab2f Replace some removed Mastodon APIs,fix Toot button not locking on CTRL+Enter,make navbar a bit more responsive 1 year ago
  nipos 875c3e0b17 Support for emoji categories,added links to admin panel,rewrite links to Invidious and Nitter at compose,bugfixes 1 year ago
  nipos d120e6438c Option to rewrite all Twitter links to Nitter,click on animated GIF works like image now,full height for images option now works for animated GIF 1 year ago
  nipos 660e6c46e6 Critical bugfix: Some statuses cause Javascript errors and prevent the timeline from further rendering 1 year ago
  nipos 8d1394f54a Fixed login,fixed YouPlay/Invidious embeds,fixed empty image placeholder when audio available,improved status template code 1 year ago
  nipos 045d6f74c5 Many bugfixes,add trending hashtags,add URL unshortener,redirect YouTube to Invidious,translation improvements,add Spanish translation 1 year ago
  nipos 3b87814f98 Improve French and German translation,respect Pleromas/GlitchSocs custom poll limits,add extension download link,many bugfixes 1 year ago
  Niklas Poslovski af6e3d416f Merge branch 'master' of butterflyoffire/halcyon into master 1 year ago
  ButterflyOfFire 99602df380 Updating french translation .mo 1 year ago
  ButterflyOfFire bd6d478739 Updating french translation 1 year ago
  nipos be5e13ab6d Enable Arabic locale in Docker 1 year ago
  nipos 2a6b28343d Share links using Halcyon,add profile overlays on mentions,keep scroll position when new posts appear,... 1 year ago
  Niklas Poslovski eef0a0fc93 Merge branch 'master' of butterflyoffire/halcyon into master 1 year ago
  butterflyoffire ad2e942bdd Adding arabic translation. 1 year ago
  nipos c9bc7ecb30 Introduce BlurHash,repair YouPlay,improve link previews feature,add debug mode,add lighttpd example config,bug fixes 1 year ago
  nipos 9aa173a786 Hotfix: Answers are sent as new posts without context 1 year ago
  nipos 4db81db371 New media uploader,sort uploads,drag&drop and copy&paste uploads,fix automatic dark mode 1 year ago
  nipos 41daa86934 Add block and mute management,add management for follow requests,add Catalan translation 1 year ago
  nipos 0d502c529a Replace blog links with the new blog 1 year ago
  nipos e05757e6d5 Generate new .mo files for the two updated .po files 1 year ago
  Niklas Poslovski d6087a2d06 Merge branch 'master' of jeroenpraat/halcyon into master 1 year ago
  jeroenpraat 15e7e9d39d +nl 1 year ago
  jeroenpraat 51b67d2aec +nl 1 year ago
  Niklas Poslovski 3805adbc8a Merge branch 'current-user-on-notifications-page' of tsia/halcyon into master 1 year ago
  tsia 284134e600 show "current user" block in the left sidebar on notifications page 1 year ago
  nipos b2dd506688 Add Dutch translation,allow adding more toots to editor,many bugfixes 1 year ago