Commit History

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  Niklas Poslovski efd0d72140 Hotfix for profiles 1 week ago
  nipos 8619a1acbe Fix scrollbars,autocomplete,add emojis at cursor,confirm before closing compose,add Czech translation 2 weeks ago
  nipos d27e451723 Bugfixes,Pleroma compatibility,translation updates 2 weeks ago
  nipos 85c7fd08c0 Added link to the blog article 1 month ago
  nipos 19379369a3 Added new media players with support for audio and third party services 1 month ago
  Niklas Poslovski d9648da624 Merge branch 'docker-updates' of kemonine/halcyon into master 1 month ago
  KemoNine 7ea6f98149 Docker updates - Update to be pure php-fpm - Remove nginx from container - Update halcyon path to match standard docs (/opt/halcyon) - Updated halcyon path allows this container to work as-is with the provided web server configs 1 month ago
  KemoNine 12edd8677a Update Docker README paths to reflect new container paths 1 month ago
  Niklas Poslovski 22a4a5fd82 Merge branch 'caddyfile-fixes' of kemonine/halcyon into master 1 month ago
  KemoNine 6470a7282b Update path in Docker README 1 month ago
  KemoNine 030e89d239 Convert the example file to a proper readme with examples and additional details 1 month ago
  KemoNine faa283ef7d Fix spacing bugs with regex, fix remote profile regex, add comments to match nginx config, format syntax for readability 1 month ago
  Niklas Poslovski 96267eb2fd Merge branch 'docker-support' of kemonine/halcyon into master 1 month ago
  KemoNine 076a3afe0c Add additional example 1 month ago
  KemoNine bd0015bbcd Initial bring up of docker support 1 month ago
  Niklas Poslovski 55151553aa Merge branch 'ger_typo' of vanitasvitae/halcyon into master 1 month ago
  Paul Schaub aa06a8a327 Fix german translation 1 month ago
  Niklas Poslovski 6bef6bde15 Merge branch 'update-japanese-translation' of vaginaplant/halcyon into master 2 months ago
  Hakaba Hitoyo b9ef07768a correct japanese translation 2 months ago
  Hakaba Hitoyo 30026a127e update japanese translation 2 months ago
  nipos 4d130ab409 Updated the Galician translation 2 months ago
  nipos 50374458f7 Added search suggestions,added instance info page,fixed bugs in profile and autocomplete,search for post urls now possible 2 months ago
  nipos 04ac8d810e Added filters,filters for all bots and added a icon for bots 2 months ago
  nipos 497d735f0c Hotfix for bug in profiles 3 months ago
  nipos b630910558 Forgot to mention improved RegExps in changelog 3 months ago
  nipos ca3c83dced Added custom profile fields,added support for verified links,added custom field settings 3 months ago
  Niklas Poslovski 79b79e784e Merge branch 'master' of ben/halcyon into master 3 months ago
  Ben Harris 5b8d5fafaf ignore data dir 3 months ago
  nipos bea1000cbf Added YunoHost install button to the readme file 3 months ago
  nipos 1aede4c471 Added autocomplete for usernames,hashtags and emojis and fixed a bug in the emoji picker 3 months ago