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  nipos dd7ebb31f3 Add full support for polls,remove whitespace when using full image height,improve toot counter,remove bar between unrelated posts 9 months ago
  Niklas Poslovski f15f134d75 Merge branch 'langoptions' of Aditoo/halcyon into master 10 months ago
  Aditoo17 51b7992ced Add translations for Czech and French language names 10 months ago
  Niklas Poslovski fea3d7b798 Merge branch 'i18n-cs' of Aditoo/halcyon into master 10 months ago
  Aditoo17 b1bb9b5ca0 I18n: Update Czech translation 10 months ago
  nipos 61213b5628 Add French translation,improve German translation,add support for video captions,add support for video thumbnails 10 months ago
  nipos 068546b84e Switch between pictures,full-height pictures in timeline,remove duplicated threads,many small bugfixes 10 months ago
  nipos 1a3f6a3ddf Merge bugfix from remote repo into local 10 months ago
  nipos e75fac8cbe Fixed login with Pleroma,fixed compatibility with Pawoo (older Mastodon),added support for prefers-color-scheme,some more fixes 10 months ago
  Niklas Poslovski efd0d72140 Hotfix for profiles 11 months ago
  nipos 8619a1acbe Fix scrollbars,autocomplete,add emojis at cursor,confirm before closing compose,add Czech translation 11 months ago
  nipos d27e451723 Bugfixes,Pleroma compatibility,translation updates 11 months ago
  nipos 85c7fd08c0 Added link to the blog article 1 year ago
  nipos 19379369a3 Added new media players with support for audio and third party services 1 year ago
  Niklas Poslovski d9648da624 Merge branch 'docker-updates' of kemonine/halcyon into master 1 year ago
  KemoNine 7ea6f98149 Docker updates - Update to be pure php-fpm - Remove nginx from container - Update halcyon path to match standard docs (/opt/halcyon) - Updated halcyon path allows this container to work as-is with the provided web server configs 1 year ago
  KemoNine 12edd8677a Update Docker README paths to reflect new container paths 1 year ago
  Niklas Poslovski 22a4a5fd82 Merge branch 'caddyfile-fixes' of kemonine/halcyon into master 1 year ago
  KemoNine 6470a7282b Update path in Docker README 1 year ago
  KemoNine 030e89d239 Convert the example file to a proper readme with examples and additional details 1 year ago
  KemoNine faa283ef7d Fix spacing bugs with regex, fix remote profile regex, add comments to match nginx config, format syntax for readability 1 year ago
  Niklas Poslovski 96267eb2fd Merge branch 'docker-support' of kemonine/halcyon into master 1 year ago
  KemoNine 076a3afe0c Add additional example 1 year ago
  KemoNine bd0015bbcd Initial bring up of docker support 1 year ago
  Niklas Poslovski 55151553aa Merge branch 'ger_typo' of vanitasvitae/halcyon into master 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub aa06a8a327 Fix german translation 1 year ago
  Niklas Poslovski 6bef6bde15 Merge branch 'update-japanese-translation' of vaginaplant/halcyon into master 1 year ago
  Hakaba Hitoyo b9ef07768a correct japanese translation 1 year ago
  Hakaba Hitoyo 30026a127e update japanese translation 1 year ago
  nipos 4d130ab409 Updated the Galician translation 1 year ago