gentoo overlay

dm9pZCAq d367407cc3 add app-text/smu 13 hours ago
acct-group daffa3113a add user and group for net-dns/alfis 2 weeks ago
acct-user daffa3113a add user and group for net-dns/alfis 2 weeks ago
app-benchmarks 5aa53844cf app-benchmarks/hyperfine: minor ebuild fixes 5 months ago
app-crypt a7d715e0c2 app-crypt/gpg-tui: bump to 0.7.2 16 hours ago
app-editors 1e3e46cc8a app-editors/vim: new package at 9999 8 months ago
app-eselect 7e61f77f95 app-eselect/eselect-repository: new package at 8 8 months ago
app-misc eed4c86f3a app-misc/xplr: bump to 0.14.4 2 weeks ago
app-shells 957ba950c0 app-shells/zsh-powerlevel10k: bump to 1.15.0 15 hours ago
app-text d28cdaedeb app-text/smu: new package at 1.5 14 hours ago
dev-lang da3a92b938 dev-lang/ghc: new package at 8.8.4-r2 14 hours ago
dev-libs 269b707b84 dev-libs/libexecinfo: new package at 1.1 14 hours ago
dev-lua 1b0f31fc24 dev-lua/alt-getopt: add LUA_REQUIRED_USE 4 months ago
dev-python 7ec7fecb5e dev-python/Telethon: bump to 1.23.0 1 week ago
dev-vcs 986c0e777d dev-vcs/gitui: bump to 0.16.2 1 week ago
games-misc 4a76728ad5 now manifests will be thin 8 months ago
metadata 4a76728ad5 now manifests will be thin 8 months ago
net-dns ad04a448f4 net-dns/alfis: new package at 0.6.5 2 weeks ago
net-libs 03f995c019 net-libs/webkit-gtk: bump to 2.30.5 4 months ago
net-misc 0469d07df2 net-misc/gping: bump to 1.2.3 3 days ago
net-news 2b7ef72245 net-news/newsboat: bump to 2.24 4 weeks ago
net-p2p 70e8231d9c net-p2p/stig: add python3.9 support 4 months ago
net-wireless 64161085b0 net-wireless/eiwd: bump to 1.15-r1 15 hours ago
profiles ddb8acaad7 profiles/package.mask: mask sys-apps/uutils-coreutils 3 months ago
sys-apps 2df20d32bb sys-apps/exa: new package at 0.10.1 14 hours ago
sys-fs 9bcc2b37e9 sys-fs/duf: new package at 0.6.2 1 month ago
sys-process 7baf4c0e17 sys-process/bottom: bump to 0.6.3 5 days ago
www-client 4b71ee27f0 www-client/firefox-musl-bin: fix Manifest 1 day ago
www-plugins 784fe0a535 www-plugins/LegacyFox: new package at 2.3 8 months ago
x11-misc 71589c4f64 x11-misc/herbe: new package at 1.0.0 1 week ago d367407cc3 add app-text/smu 13 hours ago

dm9pZCAq overlay

detailed information about packages


in [ square brackets ] info about difference with other overlays


app-crypt/veracrypt difference:

  • app-admin/sudo needed only if X used
  • with musl support


dev-lang/ghc::dm9pZCAq package is here for ghcbootstrap to build dev-lang/ghc::haskell on musl libc

echo ghcbootstrap >> /etc/portage/package.use/ghc
ACCEPT_KEYWORDS='**' emerge -1 dev-lang/ghc::dm9pZCAq \
  && emerge dev-lang/ghc