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detailed information about packages

  • app-admin/

    • aslstatus - [my, uniq] Async suckless status monitor
  • app-crypt/

    • gpg-tui - [uniq] Terminal User Interface for GnuPG
  • app-editors/

    • vim - [symlinks to use neovim as vim]
  • app-eselect/

  • app-misc/

    • draw - [uniq] Draw in your terminal
    • lf - [maintained, more USE flags] Terminal file manager
  • app-shells/

    • gitstatus - [uniq] Git status for Bash and Zsh prompt
    • zsh-powerlevel10k - [uniq] Theme for Zsh that emphasizes speed, flexibility and out-of-the-box experience
    • zsh-vi-mode - [uniq] A better and friendly vi(vim) mode plugin for ZSH.
    • zsh-you-should-use - [uniq] ZSH plugin that reminds you to use existing aliases for commands you just typed
  • app-text/

    • smu - [uniq] Simple markup - markdown like syntax
  • dev-lang/

    • ghc - [ghc] The Glasgow Haskell Compiler from voidlinux (for ghcbootstrap on musl libc)
    • metalang99 - [uniq] Full-blown preprocessor metaprogramming
    • moonscript - [uniq] A programmer friendly language that compiles into Lua
    • wren - [maintained] Wren is a small, fast, class-based concurrent scripting language
  • dev-libs/

    • datatype99 - [uniq] Algebraic data types for C99
    • interface99 - [uniq] Zero-boilerplate interfaces for C99
    • libexecinfo - [uniq] BSD licensed clone of the GNU libc backtrace facility (for musl libc)
  • dev-lua/

    • alt-getopt - [other ebuild] Lua bindings to getopt_long
    • fnlfmt - [uniq] A formatter for Fennel code
  • dev-python/

    • urwid - [older version for net-p2p/stig] Curses-based user interface library for Python
  • dev-util/

    • shfmt - [maintained] A shell parser, formatter, and interpreter with bash support
  • dev-vcs/

    • gitui - [uniq] Blazing fast terminal-ui for git
  • media-fonts/

    • nerd-fonts - [better ebuild] Collection of fonts that are patched to include a high number of glyphs (icons)
  • media-video/

    • gifski - [uniq] Highest-quality GIF encoder based on pngquant
  • net-analyzer/

    • bandwhich - [maintained] Terminal bandwidth utilization tool
  • net-dns/

    • alfis - [uniq] Alternative Free Identity System
    • meshname - [uniq] A universal naming system for all IPv6-based mesh networks
  • net-libs/

    • telebot - [uniq] Telegram Bot API in C
  • net-p2p/

    • stig - [better ebuild] TUI and CLI for the BitTorrent client Transmission
    • yggdrasil-go - [maintained, better ebuild, can run as non-root user] An experiment in scalable routing as an encrypted IPv6 overlay network
  • net-wireless/

    • eiwd - [maintained, better ebuild, clang patches] iwd without dbus
  • sys-apps/

  • sys-devel/

    • gf2 - [uniq] GDB frontend for Linux
  • sys-fs/

    • mdevd - [uniq, udev] A kernel event manager compatible with mdev.conf
  • sys-libs/

  • sys-process/

    • extrace - [uniq] Trace exec() calls system-wide
    • snooze - [uniq] Run a command at a particular time
  • virtual/

    • libudev - [udev] Virtual for libudev providers
    • udev - [udev] Virtual to select between different udev daemon providers
  • www-apps

    • zola - [maintained] A fast static site generator with everything built-in
  • x11-misc/

    • clayout - [my, uniq] Save own keyboard layout for each window
    • herbe - [uniq] Daemon-less notifications without D-Bus
    • lemonbar - [better ebuild] A featherweight, lemon-scented, bar based on xcb
    • qt5ct - [dbus is optional] Qt5 configuration tool, similar to qtconfig for Qt4
    • screenkey - [dbus is optional] Screencast your keys
    • xcolor - [uniq] Lightweight color picker for X11
    • xinput-gui - [maintained] Simple GUI for xinput


in [ square brackets ] info about difference with other overlays

some sed script for generating dependencies


dev-lang/ghc::dm9pZCAq package is here for ghcbootstrap to build dev-lang/ghc::haskell on musl libc

echo 'dev-lang/ghc ghcbootstrap' >> /etc/portage/package.use/ghc
ACCEPT_KEYWORDS='**' emerge -1 dev-lang/ghc::dm9pZCAq \
  && emerge dev-lang/ghc


here is instruction on how to manage devices totally without systemd (with sys-fs/mdevd and sys-libs/libudev-zero)

you need version >= of sys-fs/mdevd (for -O flag) (see: NEWS and NOTE)

and to use all of this you need:

  • add virtual/udev::dm9pZCAq and virtual/libudev::dm9pZCAq to package.accept_keywords:
~virtual/udev-9999::dm9pZCAq    **
~virtual/libudev-9999::dm9pZCAq **
  • reemerge some packages:
emerge -C "${yours_udev}" "${yours_libudev}"  # it may be the same package
emerge -1 \
  sys-fs/mdevd::dm9pZCAq \
  virtual/udev::dm9pZCAq  \
  virtual/libudev::dm9pZCAq \

# or if you already using busybox, you can use mdev from there
# add `sys-apps/busybox mdev` to `package.use`
#   and maybe change some busybox configs
emerge -1 \
  sys-apps/busybox \
  virtual/udev::dm9pZCAq  \
  virtual/libudev::dm9pZCAq \
  sys-libs/libudev-zero::dm9pZCAq \
  • change yours init scripts
    • runit
    • openrc: you can add yours through PR, issue or directly contact me (see contact info at my website)

some useful links