async (multithread) status bar

dm9pZCAq 097410db6f aslstatus.c: add missing header `sys/param.h` 1 month ago
components 6c1a39284e components/volume/alsa.c: fix segfault 1 month ago
lib 0e4f6a0d76 fix implicit conversions 2 months ago
man 697dcf7c6b add -d option 2 months ago
smart-config 76a3909d47 drop BSD support 2 months ago
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arg.h 1dfac76ee4 add better handling of arguments 4 months ago
aslstatus.c 097410db6f aslstatus.c: add missing header `sys/param.h` 1 month ago
aslstatus.h ddb7eac20b aslstatus.h: typo fix 1 month ago e1cd73ca55 fix sanitize options 2 months ago
components_config.h 6f9d7ead97 add cleanup function 2 months ago
config.h 6363654720 wiki: COMPONENTS: add more info 2 months ago 012bc65b54 add more warnings 2 months ago 76a3909d47 drop BSD support 2 months ago 04f5eb448a smart-config: add targets filter 2 months ago
thread_helper.h 76a3909d47 drop BSD support 2 months ago


if you found any issues report it here

for all other questions, feel free to ask in matrix


bspwm & lemonbar bspwm demo

dwm dwm demo

dvtm dvtm asciicast



avaliable in my overlay:

eselect repository enable dm9pZCAq
emerge --sync dm9pZCAq
emerge app-admin/aslstatus::dm9pZCAq

if you wanna pack aslstatus for you distro, please do so and submit PR to add it here


it is successfully compiling with

  • clang
  • tcc
  • gcc

needs pkg-config for LDLIBS

you can find out more in

make options


add support for X (needed for dwm WM_NAME)

you may want to set it to 0 if you use aslstatus in dvtm

  • default: 1
  • dependencies:
    • libxcb-dev


add support for keyboard (needed for keymap component)

works only if X=1

  • default: 1
  • dependencies:
    • libxcb-xkb-dev


select audio library

  • default: ALSA
  • possible values:
    • ALSA
    • PULSE
    • '' (empty) to use sys/soundcard.h or sys/audioio.h on OpenBSD
  • dependencies:
    • libasound-dev (if AUDIO=ALSA)
    • libpulse-dev (if AUDIO=PULSE)


for more info about components see wiki and components_config.h

see also main wiki page, you can find some useful stuff here