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Drone CI on any computer in the world!

Easy, configurable bash scripts to automate a Drone CI instance without any dedicated servers or domains - on any computer in the world!


  • Configurable - saves from repeated steps and nearly fail-proof
  • Easy to use - configure once and forget
  • Works on any computer - doesn't require buying a VPS, or domain
  • Auto free subdomain for accessing your Drone UI
  • Supported platforms:
    • Gitea ( etc.)
    • Gogs ( etc.)


Make sure you have installed:

Consult installation documentation for detailed instructions.

git clone
cd droney
cp -i

It should show you an URL. Make sure it's set in your OAuth2 Application. Now go to the URL to access Drone UI, click Sync and activate the repos you want Drone to work on.

Commit a .drone.yml in that repo with something like:

kind: pipeline
type: docker
name: default

- name: greeting
  image: alpine
  - echo hello
  - echo world

It should show up on Drone UI and the build process will be shown.

When you no longer need Drone running, stop it:



MIT (Expat) License

Note: Not an official project of Drone CI.