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You can base your configuration on a sample file. To do that just copy to e.g.

cp -i is in .gitignore in this repository, so it will not be included in your commits.

OAuth2 Setup

You would need to have an OAuth2 Application setup in your account. If you don't have one created already, when logged in, go to (Avatar) - Settings - Applications - Manage OAuth2 Applications. Enter Application Name as something like Drone and Redirect URL which is shown after you run, something like https://(hostname) Click Create Application. It will give you a Client ID and a Secret. Take a note of both.

These will need to be entered in DRONE_GITEA_CLIENT_ID and DRONE_GITEA_CLIENT_SECRET in

Once the application is created, the URL can be edited (in case it changes, e.g. if you use localtunnel for local tunneling it changes everytime you run


For explanation you can consult the comments in the

  • REPO_PROVIDER: The software that is used to provide the repo service. Accepted values are:
    • gitea (enter this if you use
    • gogs (enter this if you use
  • REPO_SERVER: The homepage that you use to access your Gitea instance. If you use, enter
  • REPO_CLIENT_ID: Client ID from OAuth2 application. Put the secret in REPO_CLIENT_SECRET (see below).
  • REPO_CLIENT_SECRET: Put the client secret from your OAuth2 application. If you did the above, enter the secret as the value.
  • REPO_USERNAME: Your Gitea/ username.
  • DRONE_RPC_SECRET: This is just a random string that is shared between the main image and the runner. Run openssl rand -hex 16 to get a random string and put it here.
  • DRONE_SERVER_HOST: The host where you access Drone UI. Set this to the host if you have Drone running on a domain. Set this to 'AUTO' if you want a local tunneling service to give you an url to access it.
  • DRONE_SERVER_PROTO: The protocol that you use to access DRONE_SERVER_HOST. e.g. 'https', 'http'
  • TUNNELING_SERVICE: Tunneling service which should be used if you have 'AUTO' set as DRONE_SERVER_HOST.
  • TUNNELING_SERVICE_SUBDOMAIN: Subdomain to be used with tunneling service (if supported). Some services, such as, localtunnel does not support this. Default: "uname -ndrone"
  • TUNNELTO_API_KEY: API Key for TunnelTo service. If you use this service get one and put it here. Otherwise ignore safely.
  • DRONE_RPC_PROTO: Protocol of the URL which you access your runner. If you don't have runner running on a separate domain, ignore it.
  • DRONE_RPC_HOST: Host of the URL which you access your runner. If you don't have runner running on a separate domain, ignore it.
  • DOCKER_MAIN_NAME: Name of the main image.
  • DOCKER_RUNNER_NAME: Name of the runner image.


If you have any problems not listed here, feel free to post an issue.

My config is out of date

In future if the config structure is updated, your old may become out of date. Just keep a backup of your old config as something like, copy the to and put all the values from your backup to the new file.

You can also use a diff program, such as meld. Open both and to see what has changed and make changes to as necessary.

Config changes are made so that it can adopt to repo providers other than Gitea. For reference, here are the new changes: