Codes that need to be saved for future... just in case

Updated 2 hours ago

Openbox config that gives you traditional desktop experience

Updated 3 hours ago

a ProtonVPN connect script

Updated 1 week ago

Bash script for quickly connecting to VPN Gate free VPN

Updated 3 weeks ago

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Start a Drone CI instance right now without any servers or domains! On any computer in the world!

Updated 1 month ago

Updated 1 month ago

Contains a process that I used to convert my blog from proprietary Blogger platform to Hexo FOSS static site generator #WIP

Updated 3 months ago

Simple example of PHPUnit test + tutorial on how to setup on new projects

Updated 8 months ago

A jwm config to make it work like a traditional desktop (and maybe even faster)

Updated 9 months ago

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A basic QEMU GUI to work as a quick VirtualBox replacement

Updated 1 year ago

BMI Calculator written to work in browsers

Updated 1 year ago

An easy to use wizard-style bash script to run virtual machines with QEMU

Updated 2 years ago