Add Framework for Managing different Kind of experience, e.g. farming experience for getting faster crops as more farming you have done.

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Minetest Game mod: XPFW
See license.txt for license information.

XPFW provide an API for storing values relevant for experience mechanism into player metadata. It also stores several statistic values during playtime:
- Walked distances calculated out of velocity (important: teleporting does not influence this value)
- accumulated distance out of comparing with last known position (important: teleporting is included in this value)
- whole playtime on the server
- amount of dug nodes
- amount of build nodes
- amount of crafted items
- amount of occured deahts
- amount of text messages
- amount of logins

For several amounts also a kind of speed is calculated, like walking speed or crafting speed.

Authors of source code
ademant (MIT)

Authors of media (textures)

Created by ademant (CC BY 3.0):