Some simple shaders for the obs plugin 'shaderfilter plus'

Updated 2 months ago

A hot air balloon mod for minetest

Updated 3 months ago

A small game for minetest I've been working on for fun.

Updated 3 months ago

A snake game for the command line. Instead of the snake getting longer, the food moves and you have to dodge it.

Updated 5 months ago

This is a (currently extremely incomplete) rewrite of a Discord bot for people who host or otherwise support a Minecraft server.

Updated 8 months ago

A mod for minetest that places temporary, invisible but pointable node when E is pressed.

Updated 10 months ago

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A game for minetest about a final battle in the face of the apocalypse. Based on Minetest Defense by Lean Rada

Updated 11 months ago

A remake of snek vs snacc in html5 and javascript. Snek vs Snacc is a snake game but instead of the snake getting longer, the Snack moves and you have to simultaniously catch and dodge it.

Updated 1 year ago

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A sail boat mod for minetest. Forked from

Updated 1 year ago

This is a mod for minetest that adds parrots that can be fed, played with and taught to talk.

Updated 1 year ago

A game for minetest with an endless dungeon below y 200. Made and abandoned by Gibeinumo, I only host this because their github is down

Updated 1 year ago