A bash script for launching Doom with mods on GZDoom via rofi/dmenu

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v0.1 - Proof of Concept

A simple script for launching GZDoom with multiple modification WAD/PK3 files, using Rofi/dmenu as an interface.

I was motivated to create this due to the lack of options on Linux for Doom launchers, and decided to base around Rofi/dmenu to fit my tiling window manager. Uses the standard Rofi/dmenu config for the user, so will match their system.


QDL expects two different folders, one storing your IWAD files for the base game, and one holding .WAD/.PK3 files for any mods. The script itself is easy to configure, with only a few configuration variables to set at the top of the file:-

-IWAD_DIR - The directory for IWADs, deafults is "$HOME/Games/Doom". Set to "$DOOMWADDIR" if that environment has been setup for GZDoom already -MOD_DIR - The directory for Doom mods, default is "$HOME/Games/Doom/Mods/" -SEPERATOR - Visual line seperator for the mod selection screen -MENU_SYSTEM - Menu system to use. Set to either "rofi" or "dmenu", will default to dmenu if unrecognized -PREFIX_COMMAND - use this option to run commands before the gzdoom launcher. I use this with "optirun" to get hardware OpenGL acceleration with my Nvidia Optimus laptop


When you run QsDoomLauncher, you will first be presented with a list of base IWADS. Select one with the arrow keys and hit enter. You will then get a list of mod files, with an option for "Done" at the top, and "Reset" at the bottom. As you select each mod, a marker will but put next to it. Select "Done" to launch GZDoom with the slected IWAD & mods, or select "Reset" to unselect all of the mods (in case you select something in error).

GZDoom should then launch in your standard configuration, with the mods applied in the order you selected them.

Example video of the system in action can be found on Odysee - Q's Doom Launcher Demonstration


There are a few requirements to be installed:-

  • GZDoom
  • Either of the following menu systems
  • Some Doom IWADs & Mods. I'll leave getting them as an exericse to the reader. If you've found this, I imagine you don't need any help!


  • v0.1 - Proof of Concept

Copyright © 2021 Category categoryNOSPAM@quintendo.uk This work is free. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License, Version 2, as published by Sam Hocevar. See the COPYING file for more details.