Lightweight desktop application for SearX.

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Lightweight desktop application for SearX.




searx-qt is a lightweight desktop application that lets you search on public searx instances listed on

Technically searx-qt is a client application that does magic with the searx API and searx-stats2 it's instances.json

For more detailed information about searx-qt see docs/index.rst or docs/index.html.


Actual search requests will be made to a server running searx software, there are many public available. We call such servers 'instances'.

If you are not familiar with the searx project; you can checkout their page here: or


The searx-stats2 project lists public searx instances with statistics. The original instance is running at This is where searx-qt will request a list with instances when the update button is pressed.


GPLv3 (


name version license url
Python 3 PSFL
requests Apache 2
PyQt5 GPLv3
urllib3 MIT

* Optional

name version license url desc
pysocks BSD For socks proxy support