Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  CYBERDEViL cdfd528292 Fix Min Version checkboxes initial states. 2 months ago
  CYBERDEViL f12d93bc72 0.2 profile config to 0.3 profile config migration. 2 months ago
  CYBERDEViL d819316fc1 Add missing license headers. 2 months ago
  CYBERDEViL 93e8033714 Change instance version filter to a minimum version filter. 2 months ago
  CYBERDEViL d6aa9c013d Forgot to include NetworkTypes in core/ 2 months ago
  CYBERDEViL 8bcd650a63 Improved code for filtering instances on network types. 2 months ago
  CYBERDEViL 54082bfb6d Option from context-menu to unheck all categories/engines. 2 months ago
  CYBERDEViL 5ce0f014c1 InstanceModel was getting wrong argument for the `parent` kwarg. 2 months ago
  CYBERDEViL fc59651878 Ability to collapse categories and engines labels. 2 months ago
  CYBERDEViL 15a112a746 Storing category states once is enough. 2 months ago
  CYBERDEViL 464b8aad33 Bumb version to 0.3 development. 2 months ago
  CYBERDEViL ec02962d01 Show image format in search results when available. 2 months ago
  CYBERDEViL 7df3b7b8fd Bumb version 0.2-beta2 5 months ago
  CYBERDEViL d28daba9bc Fix crash; 'QThread: Destroyed while thread is still running' 5 months ago
  CYBERDEViL e8bcba82d9 Fix crash when XDG_DATA_HOME is not set. 6 months ago
  CYBERDEViL b1e6713839 Update screenshot 6 months ago
  CYBERDEViL 8c8587d28d Category manager: disable delete button when there are no categories left (else it will crash). 6 months ago
  CYBERDEViL 86bbb5839c Update again. 6 months ago
  CYBERDEViL ed47d9f9c5 Update 6 months ago
  CYBERDEViL ca3960f0a2 Bumb version to 0.2-beta1 6 months ago
  CYBERDEViL ed9d4ced1b Update translations template file. 6 months ago
  CYBERDEViL cb67c196f9 Update docs 6 months ago
  CYBERDEViL a8a05ec6f9 Ask confirmation before deleting a category. 6 months ago
  CYBERDEViL 7539853cea Add Python and PyQt5 versions to About dialog. 6 months ago
  CYBERDEViL 574f094d3e Wait for threads to finish before exit. 6 months ago
  CYBERDEViL 5a4b71febb Update stats2 instances from a thread. 6 months ago
  CYBERDEViL dc380bc333 Make Filter and Stats have same alignment. 6 months ago
  CYBERDEViL b97f6f6834 Remove 6 months ago
  CYBERDEViL 08f63bca02 Merge branch 'user_instances' of CYBERDEViL/searx-qt into master 6 months ago
  CYBERDEViL 2b47069003 Fix table and categories not updated after a user-instance got updated. (signal changed didn't got emitted) 6 months ago