XDRE is a Doom demo editor by xepop. It is based on prboom-plus and uses wxWidgets GUI toolkit.

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PrBoom-Plus revision: 4519.

Known issues:

  1. XDRE crashes with some DeleteTicX values.

To do:

  1. Make header editor more useful (remove compatflags shit).
  2. Add longtics support in brute force.


[+] — added, [-] — removed, [*] — fixed/changed.

2.22 (??.??.??)

[*] Updated prboom-plus to r4519.
[*] Thing tracing now uses an array with pointers.
[*] Made wxString::FromCDouble in MainWindow::OnSectorInput consistent.
[*] Fixed segfaults after changing players and consoleplayer wasn't in
the game.

2.21 (23.02.17)

[*] Updated to SDL2.
[*] Updated prboom-plus to r4514.
[+] Window (both wx and Doom) positions are now saved in xdre/xdre.ini.
[*] Make text positions look better on wxGTK (Debian GNU/Linux, MATE).
[*] Strafe value -128 is fine, remove the check in xdre::strafe().
[+] Added a dialog to set keys.
[+] Save savepoint mode in xdre/xdre.ini.
[*] Fixed a crash when trying to use DeleteTic when tic list is empty.
[*] The default savepoint mode is Start.

2.20 (21.12.16)

[+] Linedef, sector, thing indexes for tracing and angle type are now saved
in xdre.ini.
[+] Added thing tracing. Although it's buggy, mobj->index == 0 is player 1.
[*] Fixed a segfault on almost every Valiant map and Sunder maps 11 and 14.
[+] Added longtics in the header editor. Only with vanilla complevels.

2.19 (25.11.16)

[+] Added transposing (TransposeLeft and TransposeRight in xdre.ini).
tr or ty, mode 0 changes turn and movement commands,
1 changes only turns, 2 changes only moves.
[+] Added header editing.

2.18 (18.11.16)

[*] Changed text positions so they look better on Windows 10
(thanks to JCD for mentioning).
[*] You can use TurnStep with short turns.
[*] No more crash in co-op demos when adding tics (existed since 2.14).
[+] You can save demos with a footer (demo_extendedformat in the config).
Obviously, with setting it to 0 demos with the footer will lose it
after saving.

2.17 (31.10.16)

[+] Added longtics support. You can set longtics turn step with ts,
the command is called TurnStep in the config.
[+] Added sector tracing.
[*] Updated PrBoom-Plus codebase to release (r4459).
[+] Added -solo-net support.
[*] Restored output to stdout and stderr (you can find out what's wrong).
[*] Fixed advanced HUD.
[*] Angle values are now unsigned shorts (that's what longtics allows).
E. g. 0 is east, 16384 is north. You can enable degrees,
unsigned chars or fine angles (0-8191) if you want, too.
[*] "Direction moved" field now uses degrees
(why would you want float with values from 0 to 65536?).
[*] You can't use MB128/SL128 tics anymore.
[+] You can copy/delete tics multiple times with tc and tx. Deleting removes
previous tics (e. g. you're on tic 7, then you type tx2, you're on tic 5).
The commands are called CopyTicX and DeleteTicX in the config.
[*] RNG uses wxDefaultValidator again instead of integer validator.
[+] Doom window now understands keypresses (you can press - or =, for example).

2.16 (27.10.16)

[+] You can trace more than one linedef.
[*] Some UI changes.
[-] Removed Visual C references in the source (I don't really need them).

2.15 (21.10.16)

[*] Fixed crash at certain tics with ssp. (still crashes after 1M tics)

2.14 modified (20.10.16)

[*] Fixed changing to SSG in Boom demos.
[+] Added Z position, added real separate speeds (X, Y and Z difference).
[*] Savepoints limit raised to MAP100 maximum.
[*] Vertex coordinates don't have .000000 anymore.
[*] Fixed crash without ssp at tics 10, 20, 40, 80 etc, not with ssp.
[-] Removed Code::Blocks references.