Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  vita b1ed87a6de Fix desyncs after loading a singleplayer demo after a multiplayer one. 2 years ago
  vita 38ef47ce48 Typo. 2 years ago
  vita 6310f0d57d Fixed segfaults after changing players and consoleplayer was not in the game. 2 years ago
  vita ae4545f74f Fix a silly bug and a segfault. 3 years ago
  vita c25b073a66 Fixed thing tracing. 3 years ago
  vita 10cf13b4e6 Update prboom-plus to r4518. 3 years ago
  vita 571699900b Remove that debug message. This is the REAL 2.21 release 3 years ago
  vita 4799a220a4 2.21 release. 3 years ago
  vita c52ba43ec3 Add a simple dialog to set keys. 3 years ago
  vita 865f2b470d Update prboom-plus to r4512. 3 years ago
  vita e60dfc8673 Fixed SDL2 rendering problem. 3 years ago
  vita be15263575 Fix #2. 3 years ago
  vita e483d4f87d Fixed for 3 years ago
  vita 88e2f60fcf Initial commit. 3 years ago