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Welcome to Bear Adventures!


Copyright 2015 vaeringjar, and the Bear and Anderson families.
As long as this section remains intact, you may reuse this game under either the CC-BY-SA 4.0 or AGPLv3+ licenses.


Bear Adventures is a family turnbased card matching game that people can play using two decks of regular poker playing cards, or by printing off the cards included.

Deck contains 108 cards, based on using two 54-card-poker decks. The prototype deck contained 98, based on using two 48-card-pinachle decks and 2 jokers added in.

We call our dogs "bears" as an inside joke.


If you ever need to divide an odd number, round the answer down.
Everyone starts with 5 cards.
The park pile starts with 5 cards face up.
Before playing, remove any Ball! or a Buddy cards from the park pile and any starting hands to the middle of the draw pile and replace them from the top of the draw pile. Repeat if necessary so neither of these cards start in the park or a hand.
The buried treasures pile starts with 5 cards face down.
Draw pile contains the remaining cards of the deck, all face down.
At the beginning of your turn, draw a card.
During your turn you can trade with the park pile as many times as you like as long as you do not take more than the worth of your cards.
Play cards in your hand to gain points. If you put down a matching set, you can reference the number series on the card to calculate your points.
Events cards, marked with a lightning bolt or sol rune, play during your turn only.
Some events play immediately, others can save in hand.
At the end of your turn, replenish the park pile if it has less than 5 cards. If you draw an event, play that card like you would normally, and then continue to replenish the park pile.
Score the most points to win.


For the poker-card-sized template, see card-template.xcf file.
For a list of cards, see the card-weights.csv file. If using regular poker decks, reference the ORIGINAL column to see card attributes.
Note, the card template includes options for a typical diamonds, hearts, etc icons.

Card Specs

822 x 1122 pixels at 300ppi

The norms for particular fields follow:
Titles: Serif Bold 48
Descriptions: Sans 28
Points: Serif Bold 48

Card Actions

Sleepy Bears - Add this card as you play a hand to increase the value of that hand by 10 points. Only one of these cards per hand played.

Water Safety Bear - A player who plays this card gets the chance to unbury a card. The player to the left will flip over three cards from the draw pile, the chance cards. If any of the chance cards match, the player who played this card can look through the buried cards and take one card, or refuse if they want none of them. Put the chance cards back in the middle of the draw pile when finished. If the draw pile has fewer than three cards, the player automatically gets to search the buried pile.

Cookies - Spend 1 cookie card to unbury and keep half the buried cards, without looking. Spend 2 to unbury all buried cards, look at them to choose half to keep and put this rest back to the draw pile. Spend 3 to unbury and take all buried cards. Discard this card when finished.

Mavy - Steal another a card in hand or draw two. If you stole a card, that person immediately plays this for themself. If you drew two cards, discard this card.

Ball! - Plays immediately. Draw one then pass one to your left. Last person buries one card. The card immediately gets played as a one-card hand by the person who drew it.

Buddy - Plays immediately. Everyone buries half their cards (remember to round down!). The card immediately gets played as a one-card hand by the person who drew it.