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Flyer made using Inkscape

Translations of the flyer are welcome:

  • The easiest way to translate the flyer is to create an issue with the translated text and a translated flyer will be generated for you within a few days.

  • Another way is to download the freely available Inkscape and make the changes to the file template inkscape file. The file has 4 layers. Text is in layer 4, modify this appropriately. To get the outline, go to layer 2 and delete the fill. Choose the paint bucket option with:

    • Fill by: Visible Colors
    • Threshold: 3
    • Grow/Shrink by: -10.00
    • mm
    • Close gaps: None
      These are shown in the linked Paint Bucket settings image Then fill using #FF08080 . Finally, delete the bounding lines using Edit paths by Nodes to obtain a cleaner poster. You can learn more about Inkscape at, the book A Guide To Inkscape by Tavmjong Bah, may also be helpful.


The work in this repository is under a CC0 license and therefore is in the public domain.