Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Tom Tsagk 19263b664d Update engine, code organisation 1 day ago
  Tom Tsagk 0551b0a8ed Disable ssl verification in curl 1 day ago
  Tom Tsagk 10c3d2e264 Allow `ogg` file for audio 1 week ago
  Tom Tsagk afc08f7777 Update engine 2 weeks ago
  Tom Tsagk f75bafd392 Update engine for another bugfix 3 weeks ago
  Tom Tsagk 67c118495e Update engine for bugfix 3 weeks ago
  Tom Tsagk 503613e537 Add `char` variables, to manipulate strings easier 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk a4ba626868 Update for GameJolt polish 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk f269b0febd Update engine for more getters on GameJolt calles 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 0b4de77369 Update engine for gamejolt getters 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk e3ffc6d771 Update engine for align in `dd_string3d` 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk e894292620 Update engine for async calls 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 8d96e78f53 Update engine, fix bug to allow global arrays to compile 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk f2145b32f0 Update engine 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 21d9d6abaa Update for `better_than` and `worse_than` 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 58d2dd3ec6 Add `string3d` 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 3d0bbce773 Update engine, callbacks on gamejolt calls, and make requests in the background with threads 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 3d010894d1 Update engine to add json support 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 614196f057 Update for GameJolt functionality 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 9ce6017705 Update engine for threads and background loading 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 543859ea12 Update engine to handle extern variables properly 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk adfa4c7a94 Update for `gcc 10.1.0` 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 5e1fdc10ab Make updates on the `` to look better 2 months ago
  Tom Tsagk de79e0a325 Add `` containing all the details someone would need about this project 2 months ago
  Tom Tsagk 57af9ae0f4 Update engine 2 months ago
  Tom Tsagk d11bb43bbf General clean-up 3 months ago
  Tom Tsagk 6cc3ae6e5a Upgrade `echo` to support dynamic types, update engine 3 months ago
  Tom Tsagk 052d640f30 Allow structs as function arguments 3 months ago
  Tom Tsagk 7d213d17c0 Update engine 3 months ago
  Tom Tsagk bc98049cad Add structs in function arguments 3 months ago