Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Tom Tsagk 05e2a71833 Remove temporarily removed dependencies 4 days ago
  Tom Tsagk 3bf6db4db3 Remove gamejolt and curl functionality, for now 4 days ago
  Tom Tsagk 22a807d379 Update engine for ply assets on android 1 week ago
  Tom Tsagk d7b4dbadc6 Update engine to support textures on android 2 weeks ago
  Tom Tsagk b099e58363 Update engine to support 3d strings on android 2 weeks ago
  Tom Tsagk beb05ff6a0 Update engine for better android support 3 weeks ago
  Tom Tsagk 678c47ff82 Organise transpilation process 3 weeks ago
  Tom Tsagk 356839ed0b Add check `thi.x` errors, and exit with error if compilation to object file fails 3 weeks ago
  Tom Tsagk 342ce78657 Update engine to load worlds in the background on android 3 weeks ago
  Tom Tsagk bc265f30a5 Make `echo` use `dd_log` to print messages in all supported platforms, update engine 3 weeks ago
  Tom Tsagk 1d5fdff123 Make sure to pass the `NATIVE` flag when compiling files 3 weeks ago
  Tom Tsagk ae0cede1aa Update engine to support `dd_string3d` on android 3 weeks ago
  Tom Tsagk 930c8c0848 Update engine to draw textures mesh, with temporary solution 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 683f6a7f33 Update engine to allow android builds to exit 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 1667a94fa4 Update engine to init new world in the beginning of a frame 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk adffc9350f Update engine for mouse detection, disable threads and android touch detection 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk f59672bb02 Update engine, add `-t` for transpiling cross-platform, add support for 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 096a78ad76 Update engine for partial android support 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 8b5988a554 Update engine 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 0f67f13b67 Update engine to fix `set_primitive` 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 029f88a525 Update engine for mouse proportions 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk a32262acce Add `--android` to compile assets for android 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk ad618de8af Add initial android support 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 1005e6c099 Update engine to remove debug symbols 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 66a61ca92a Update engine to finish support for glsl 1.0 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 0ec73599fd Update engine to support glsl 1.10 2 months ago
  Tom Tsagk 5d95dd0d77 Update engine for custom guest names on gamejolt 2 months ago
  Tom Tsagk 29a9ec5f4b Update for custom initial size per game 2 months ago
  Tom Tsagk 6de30fabea Increase entries in symtables 2 months ago
  Tom Tsagk 261178d297 Add `dd_meshRising` 5 months ago