Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  tomtsagk 2b2c03b495 Add ability to specify include file search location 20 hours ago
  tomtsagk affdd9353f Split compilation process and made it more modular and flexible 20 hours ago
  tomtsagk b90722b826 Add headers on vim syntax detect 6 days ago
  tomtsagk ec1dfe5dbb Fix recursive include from header files 6 days ago
  tomtsagk f83e09939e Add `--no-translate` option, fix header-guard names to only be alphanumeric or underscore 6 days ago
  tomtsagk dbe14c5149 Add header guards, and fix bug compiling multiple files 1 week ago
  tomtsagk 794e8c324d Handle warning during compilation 1 week ago
  tomtsagk ee68146475 Re-add automatic compilation 1 week ago
  tomtsagk fba48d9211 Add the `include` command, and ability to modularise the project, to compile parts of it at a time 1 week ago
  tomtsagk e2076a40af Merge branch 'master' of 3 weeks ago
  tomtsagk 3d794fa29a Remove default world, and let each project define its own 3 weeks ago
  Tom Tsagk 607ddcc2b8 Improve error messages 1 month ago
  tomtsagk 97b774b873 Rename default `PROJECT_NAME` to `avdl` 1 month ago
  tomtsagk 2b8fd03cbf Add `asset` command, to handle all kinds of assets 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 4ec1af21c0 Fix vim syntax for new name 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 4070968a98 Automatically initialise non-primitive non-array members 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk f2ecc018d6 Change name to avdl 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 5c63dcd163 Update the number of symbols in the symbol table, update engine 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 5a8fee1788 Update engine to initialise mesh textures properly 2 months ago
  Tom Tsagk a0f7bc8c1d Add cleaning of objects 2 months ago
  Tom Tsagk fad031021a Update engine to resize new worlds 2 months ago
  Tom Tsagk e91b724909 Update for `dd_vec3` 2 months ago
  Tom Tsagk 3b1d91fcb6 Add resize and fov support 2 months ago
  Tom Tsagk e22886ea19 Update engine for reading images on all platforms bug 2 months ago
  Tom Tsagk e2cc1fe08a Add the custom main to the parser 2 months ago
  Tom Tsagk 33eda10014 Add support for audio 2 months ago
  tomtsagk ca1b1bc12b Add support for local variables, scoping, and references (pointers) 3 months ago
  Tom Tsagk 3123df2e54 Increase symbol table size, update engine for min/max and tex_coord X and Y 3 months ago
  tomtsagk bd23ed6b07 Update for build-in shaders 3 months ago
  tomtsagk 207914e7c1 Update to support random numbers 3 months ago