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Subject: mapo
Description: GPS tracker and map viewer
License: GPL-3.0-plus
Keywords: geoloc, localisation, map, lattitude, longitude, openstreetmap, googlemaps, nokiamaps, heremaps

Mapo is a geolocation application for the Tizen OS, developed with HTML5/CSS3 an jQuery.

This application is under GPL-3.0p license.

::: HISTORY :::

Development started on May 25 2013, just before showing Tizen at solutions linux in Paris France.

Used target was RD210 and it was continuously upgraded until then it was tested on RDPQ
but those 2 devices do not not support GPS.

Then on 2015 back from FOSDEM with a Z1 tizen phome,
I noticed that application is not available into TizenStore
which seems to be supported in France.

So it was uploaded again to Tizen store.

::: MISC :::



::: CREDITS :::

Philippe Coval : rzr
Theo Gerin : theog
Sebastien Bocahu : zecrazytux
Eurogiciel Opensource Dept :