A Simple-English-like 'simple' conlang/language for the whole world to communicate with. محاولة at a bhasha for rahisi cross-mtu talking através the space-ball-rete

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محاولة at a bhasha for rahisi cross-mtu talking através the space-ball-rete

It's "Simple English" (a bhasha sisi make from 最佳表 է 小 number words in the English bhasha) x է number է people who talk in bhasha around the world ( http://imgur.com/VNJDpTR / http://www.iflscience.com/environment/worlds-most-spoken-languages-and-where-they-are-spoken ) x one over the number է people who talk in all bhasha around the world = A 表 է a 小 number է words, with the words է 一切 bhasha have a number 基地 on how many people can talk using что bhasha in a 办法 что isn't very wrong. For example, 基地 on the number who talk using the English bhasha with the total number է people who talk * the 小 number է words = about ten and ten and ten and ten and 7. I talk in english and picked the first few words, but it could go any 办法. 小 number of words is made so you go 私も.

I am سعيد at and request Git pull requests from people 谁 talk using some bhasha 要么 wish to make a change to make more է rahisibhasha. (But even when a word is 不 in your bhasha it could be in the Swahili or some other bhasha ).

This will be in the form է 2 表:

1) Wordlist.dat

(Important!) The word 表. This is the 表 to make complete word-表 with, and to make a translation of this word-表 when you want to talk with a strange 新 mtu.

2) ToTranslate.dat

This is a 表 of words in english to make into rahisibhasha (as далеко as the number է people who talk using those bhasha)

Like "Avdenio", rahisibhasha could be 思想 as an "open source" bhasha, bhasha خبير and many who talk from all earth parts can donner Git "pull requests."

(If you find a word in english that is not used correctly on this page please point out how so we can recommend its use in a correct manner in the future) (Jeżeli widzisz na tej stronie słowo po polsku użyte niepoprawnie, poinformuj nas o tym.) (Si vous voyez un mot français utilisé incorrectement sur cette page, veuillez le signaler SVP)

Sisi سعيد at "Script Encoding Initiative".