Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Steinar Bang b08d2a4df7 Use jersey 2.30.1 and jackson 2.10.3 in handlereg 1 month ago
  Steinar Bang 6a634b48ba Replace use of deprecated Shiro classes, use the ini file to replace the authc filter with the PassThruAuthenticationFilter, which will work with nginx and authservice 2 months ago
  Steinar Bang c02e72fe65 Use a version of authservice also using pax-web 7.2.14 (version 1.11.5 of authservice) 2 months ago
  Steinar Bang 02f6006e4b Downgrade pax-web from 7.3.3 to the version aligned with the targeted karaf, i.e. 7.2.14 2 months ago
  Steinar Bang 049004724d Remove unused jackson maven dependencies from handlereg 2 months ago
  Steinar Bang fea1689e92 Add compile and runtime dependency to jackson-databind to fix security issue CVE-2020-8840 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 3107b3d72c Change leftover frontend-servlet.version in frontend servlet karaf feature to bang-servlet.version 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang cf9b21a542 Fix valgtButikk extraReducers syntax 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 3b67449834 Fix butikker extraReducers syntax 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang a4b0cecf6a Fix nyhandling extraReducers syntax so that the last used store is initially selected on startup 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 6eb704ca2f Update the total sum when registering a purchase 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang bf37a6ade5 Preserve the selected store when registering a purchase 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 4806e18e0b Change components from class components to functional components 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 4086a23915 Use a saga to start loading of data required by components on router paths, instead of triggering loading from componentDidMount() methods 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 01f3195aec Upgrade PostgreSQL JDBC driver to 42.2.10 and upgrade authservice to a version using the same PostgreSQL driver 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 79b3459424 Connect the router to redux state 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang cc2be05bca Set password in redux to empty string on successful login 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 864d003e8b Upgrade redux-starter-kit 0.4.3 to @reduxjs/toolkit 1.2.5 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 02b28d8dba Upgrade react, react-redux, react-router and connected-react-router to the newest stable versions (react 16.13.0, react-redux 7.2.0, react-router 5.1.2 and connected-react-router 6.7.0) 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 7519e05fb6 Upgrade the node version to the current LTS v12.16.1 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 64ea3853fa Upgrade frontend-maven-plugin to version 1.9.1 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 439e5fada1 Use authservice version that uses JerseyServlet 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang a30e753d7a Use JerseyServlet as base class for the Web API DS component 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang a293d591fc Use authservice 1.11.1 and shiro 1.5.1 in handlereg 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 6e7b27952d Rename local variable to avoid name conflict with field 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 06db1503bd Add @Override annotation to LogService setter in the HandleregServlet 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 81e4e03c0b Use constant for multple instances of a string used in log messages 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang da77794239 Verify that HandleregLiquibase.forceReleaseLocks() doesn't throw any exceptions 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 5808a1dc27 Use 1.10 of authservice and 2.30 of jersey to start working on JDK8 again 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 0af3e0e55a Use version 1.9.0 of authservice that also use the FrontendServlet for the user admin UI 4 months ago