Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Steinar Bang 651f8bb465 Use version 1.6.0 of authservice 1 week ago
  Steinar Bang 745bbac458 Use jackson-databind version to fix github security warning 1 week ago
  Steinar Bang 63c1218f3a Use method from DatabaseServiceBase to create JDBC connection props 2 weeks ago
  Steinar Bang 912456cf4b Make the HandleregDatabase implementations extend DatabaseServiceBase 2 weeks ago
  Steinar Bang 5de8c47160 Ensure that the correct DataSourceFactory is injected into the handlereg database DS component 3 weeks ago
  Steinar Bang 5b8e52f364 Use version 1.5.4 of authservice 4 weeks ago
  Steinar Bang 3a02b26ff8 Use version 1.3.0 of osgiservice.database 1 month ago
  Steinar Bang 3829a7121c Use jackson version 2.9.10 to fix github security warning 1 month ago
  Steinar Bang cd3f759a93 Use version 1.5.2 of authservice 1 month ago
  Steinar Bang d602ecadbd Use version 4.2.8 of the postgresql JDBC driver and use the attached karaf feature pgjdbc 4.2.8 to load the driver in karaf 1 month ago
  Steinar Bang 6e4e30b129 Ensure that empty string doesn't result in null or false in the amount number parsing 1 month ago
  Steinar Bang a7348caa1b Add a build badge for travis-ci to the README 1 month ago
  Steinar Bang 21e66ff8e3 Parse input amount as a number to remove leading zero from amount field when registering a new purchase 1 month ago
  Steinar Bang 00f14f6858 Use version 1.4.0 of authservice 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang ebd7f02a03 Upgrade PostgreSQL JDBC driver to a version that survives OSGi bundle reload (version 42.2.6) 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 45b3dbb6ba Use version 2.28 of jersey, and version of jackson-databind 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang edcde92095 Update authservice dependency from version 1.2.0 to version 1.3.0 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 33d8556bcc Add statistics pages to handlereg 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang b3e938f82d Ran "npm audit fix" to fix frontend vulnerabilities in handlereg 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang d1dd65899d Upgrade the node.js version used by frontend-maven-plugin in handlereg from version 10.4.0 to version 10.16.0 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 871fe89322 Upgrade use of frontend-maven-plugin in handlereg from version 1.6 to version 1.7.6 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang fef54708f9 Style the link to the parent application as a bootstrap button 4 months ago
  Steinar Bang a8e237b865 Add PostgreSQL database JDBC configuration example to the README 4 months ago
  Steinar Bang a2a13e85af Remove unnecessary reload of the stores (the list of stores is already piggy-backed on the response from the add new store REST API call) 4 months ago
  Steinar Bang 69de8eb878 Add functionality for editing store names 4 months ago
  Steinar Bang b4582e358a Remove copy/paste leftover from log message 4 months ago
  Steinar Bang cfd97e5edf Move file verbatim to preserve history 4 months ago
  Steinar Bang ac9f60dad0 Use source/target version 1.8 when java-11 or newer is used, to avoid bundle load problems 4 months ago
  Steinar Bang 24daafa062 Upgrade pax web from 6.0.3 to 7.3.3 4 months ago
  Steinar Bang cd0db533ab Remove unnecessary junit-platform-launcher maven dependency 4 months ago