Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Steinar Bang 7ae078ab89 Use the newest version of the maven-compiler-plugin (3.8.1) 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 10ca665f70 Use the newest stable versions of junit jupiter (5.4.2) and junit platform (1.4.2) 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 2da02fd9b9 Change surefire version to 2.22.2 and remove junit-platform dependencies to make the tests run with openjdk-11 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang f66a445305 Upgrade karaf version to 4.2.5 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 121562f163 Remove declarations of exception that cannot be thrown from the methods it was declared on 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 7e8ff8dbbe Make sonar not detect database implementations as duplicates 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang a9645304f3 Fix misspelled class name of handlereg PostgreSQL plugin. 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 8c71cab625 Rename file verbatim to preserve history 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang 071579d943 Use version 1.2.0 of authservice 4 months ago
  Steinar Bang b7708be851 Use version 1.4.1 of apache shiro 4 months ago
  Steinar Bang db8264441a Upgrade jackson version to 2.9.9 4 months ago
  Steinar Bang 9330650b6d Generate jackson runtime dependencies instead of using jackson karaf feature 4 months ago
  Steinar Bang ad56de0bb5 Use openjdk 8 on travis-ci 4 months ago
  Steinar Bang 6f378239ac Export redux actions directly from the reducer slice files instead of via the actiontypes.js file 4 months ago
  Steinar Bang 47cc062047 Do snapshot deployment to 5 months ago
  Steinar Bang a1d67b1578 Add karaf feature handlereg-with-postgresql-and-provided-authservice 5 months ago
  Steinar Bang 1f4c637e7f Disable "Registrer handling" button when the puchase amount is 0 5 months ago
  Steinar Bang 9fa3ee8197 Fix the DatePicker calendar popup 5 months ago
  Steinar Bang 16bc151fe3 Add karaf feature handlereg-with-derby-and-provided-authservice 5 months ago
  Steinar Bang db5d97f2ab Add DB column stores.deaktivert that is true when the store should not displayed in the GUI (used for historical data) 5 months ago
  Steinar Bang c4c79f388a Add karaf feature that loads handlereg and authservice with postgresql databases 5 months ago
  Steinar Bang 704a351626 Fix the database generation pseudo-test after the move to using authervice for user management 5 months ago
  Steinar Bang fbb82bab2c Add a PostgreSQL database for handlereg 5 months ago
  Steinar Bang 1c6516eea6 Change package names from no.bang.priv.* to the correct no.priv.bang.* 5 months ago
  Steinar Bang d7a1c7d728 Move files verbatim to new package locations 5 months ago
  Steinar Bang 849661e55a Pick the store used in the last transaction as the default store for the next transaction 5 months ago
  Steinar Bang 67b3a7646d Add reducer for LOGIN_ERROR 5 months ago
  Steinar Bang 3d8da9c487 Use destructuring and individual export to access action types created using createSlice() to create reducers 5 months ago
  Steinar Bang 28b17cdbd6 Use createSlice() from redux-starter-kit to create reducers and related actions 5 months ago
  Steinar Bang 20ed9dd265 Move files verbatim to preserve history 5 months ago