Simple, flat theme suite that follows K.I.S.S. philosophy...

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Genki themes

What is contained in this project?

  • This is a collection of simple, flat icon, cursor, GUI themes.
  • Initially it contains only icons and cursors.

What are design goals?

  • Follow the material design.
  • If some visual element is more frequent then it should have simpler structure compared to those that are less frequent.


  • Added left handed dark cursor theme with name "genki-dark-lh".
  • You can use name "genki-dark-rh" for right handed dark cursor theme.

Here ia simple genki-dark preview




  • Original creator is not an artist or graphics designer.
  • Icons are vector images 24x24 in size and are not rasterized so they do not display well when rendered in small 16x16 size on low resolution displays.
  • Design is mostly done using 24x24 svg files.
  • This git repository is made late the development process using a big commit.
  • Provided svg template layers are not accurate and are present just for visual reference.
  • Please clone this repository and improve it if you like it.