A repository which keeps a record of all Indian Laws (amended) txt, and offers a script to generate patch files to be submitted to MLAs/MPs of your locality.

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The Aim of this repository is to give Bare Laws of India to read and to understand for each and every person in India. All amendments will be available as patches within amendment directory. Present directory contains bare laws without any footnotes of amendment.

We believe laws directly or indirectly affect everyone and each and everyone should work towards getting simplest laws which each and everyone can understand so they can follow it. A law which cannot be understood cannot be followed.

All Acts are as amended on 1st January 2023.

Nomenclature of law files: start-year_act-name-replacing-spaces-with-underscores.md 2022_Maharashtra_Local_Authorities_Act.md

If name is very big, abbreviations have been used.

Optionally, Bharatiya kanoon also allows you to suggest an amendment to your elected sansad through a patch file. It is highly advised that you put a lot of effort into thinking how laws should be and even a small patch is to be suggested with utmost care as Bharat runs on these laws.

Steps to follow:

  1. cd to bharatiya_kanoon directory .
  2. Add executable permission to setup and genpatch scripts for your user using "chmod u+x setup.sh" and "chmod u+x genpatch.sh".
  3. ./setup.sh
  4. Change txt file of law in Suggested directory .

Present directory contains all laws as they're in the current situation. Suggested contains your version of laws which specify how you want a law to be.

  1. Generate sujhaav.patch file by executing "./genpatch.sh" in bharatiya_kanoon directory.
  2. Attach patch file to your email, add comments stating why amend that law and send it to:

your_local_mla_email - State list amendments your_local_mp_email - Union list amendments your_local_mla_email , your_local_mp_email - Concurrent list amendments

Contributions to this repository are welcome from all Indians who would be verified by Aadhaar Number. Suggestions on better representations with respect to readability, structure, are appreciated.

All repealed clauses have been removed. If earlier clauses have been removed, a [repealed] clause has been added to make the reader understand numbering.

Many Acts contain footnotes as to application to Puducherry, Daman and Diu, etc. Such footnote is omitted if a section is found that contains that, "This Act applies to whole of India" as above are a part of India.