SSDPd - announces UPnP/DLNA device across network. PHP media server inside

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Rozhuk Ivan 2013 - 2021

SSDPd - Announces UPnP/DLNA device across network. You can use PHP script, nginx config and static files to build your own UPnP/DLNA server.


BSD licence. Website:


  • can act as UPnP/DLNA ContentDirectory to share multimedia content
  • can announce remote UPnP/DLNA devices

Compilation and Installation

sudo apt-get install build-essential git cmake fakeroot
git clone --recursive
cd ssdpd
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make -j

UPnP/DLNA PHP server requires

  1. nginx with headers_more.
  2. PHP with fpm, fileinfo, soap, xml.


ssdpd [-d] [-v] [-c file]
       [-p PID file] [-u uid|usr -g gid|grp]
 -h           usage (this screen)
 -d           become daemon
 -c file      config file
 -p PID file  file name to store PID
 -u uid|user  change uid
 -g gid|group change gid
 -v           verboce



Copy %%ETCDIR%%/ssdpd.conf.sample to %%ETCDIR%%/ssdpd.conf then replace lan0 with your network interface name. Add more sections if needed. Remove IPv4/IPv6 lines if not needed.

Add to /etc/rc.conf:



service ssdpd restart

PHP UPnP server


Add to /etc/rc.conf:



service php-fpm restart


If nginx will serve only upnp then you can:

ln -f -s %%ETCDIR%%/nginx-upnp-full.conf %%CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX%%/etc/nginx/nginx.conf

If nginx build with DSO (dynamic modules load) then you need uncomment "load_module" and set correth path to module.

Or add to existing nginx.conf following line: include %%ETCDIR%%/nginx-upnp-handler.conf; some where in existing http/server section.

Add to /etc/rc.conf:



service nginx restart


Place shared data in: %%DATADIR%%/www/upnpdata or make in as simlink on existing data. Make sure that permissions allow www access.



Allow all IPv4 with options proto igmp. Allow all udp dst port 1900.

PHP UPnP server

Allow in tcp dst port 80.