Goodies related to Void Linux

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Goodies for Void Linux

Void Linux is amazingly fast, lightweight, bare-bones and adheres to unix philosophies better than any other popular GNU+Linux distros. With Void Linux we can have the fun of building a system from ground up. Here are some things to use with Void Linux.


Inside the articles folder, you will find some articles on Void Linux.


Inside the srcpkgs folder, you will find some package recepies for use with xbps-src utility.

Installation and Usage:

sudo xbps-install xtools
git clone --depth=1
cd void-packages
./xbps-src binary-bootstrap
# Do the above once if not done already.
# To copy all the packages
cp -r /path/to/this/repo/srcpkgs/* srcpkgs/
./xbps-src pkg <package name>
xi <package name>