Config to customize Textadept to act more like Atom/$ublime text

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Textadept config files

Yet another textadept config. This is especially made and tested for web development in php + html/css but hopefully could be dropped in to any use case. I have tried my best to make it similar to Atom/$ublime.

alt text


  • Tab switching with Ctrl+Tab
  • Hot exit feature (remembers unsaved buffers on exit)
  • Sets a dark theme (base16-default-dark)
  • Sets tab as default
  • Enables whitespace and wrap
  • Adds right click menu to copy filename (under "Extra")
  • Adds close tab on middle click*
  • Creates or closes buffers on middle click or double click on empty space in tab bar (extremely convenient and fast)*
  • Opens Find in Files result in new tab (unsplit view)*
  • Highlights trailing whitespace at the end of lines
  • Multi selection support to many keyboard shortcuts, such as delete lines, duplicate lines etc. (listed below in the Keyboard Shortcuts table)

* Some features require patching and compiling. It should work without patches, but then those features will not be available. See patches directory for details.

How to install/use

  • Optional, but recommended: apply patches and install from source. Easy to follow instructions are provided in the patches/
  • Or... install textadept from repo to use without patched features.
  • For config, do either:
git clone --depth=1 ~/.textadept


git clone --depth=1
cd ta-config
mkdir -p ~/.textadept && cp -r {modules,themes,lexers,init.lua} ~/.textadept/
  • Launch textadept and it should run with this config

For dark interface:

Edit/create this file:

  • Linux: ~/.gtkrc-2.0 (sometimes can be ~/.gtkrc-2.0.mine depending on distro)
  • Windows: textadept-install-folder\share\themes\MS-Windows\gtk-2.0\gtkrc
  • macOS:

with the following content:

style "custombg" {
bg[NORMAL] = "#555555"
widget "textadept*" style "custombg"

You can change the colors as you wish. bg[NORMAL] is background color and fg[NORMAL] is the text color in the interface. The color is in #BBGGRR format, not #RRGGBB.

Idea from here.

For some features to work:

Patch the source code and build. See, patches directory for details.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Action
Ctrl+Tab Switch between last used tabs.
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Open list of recent / recently closed files.
Ctrl+Page up Go to previous tab.
Ctrl+Page Down Go to next tab.
Ctrl+Shift+K Delete line(s). Supports multi selection, multi cursor.
Ctrl+D Duplicate line(s). Supports multi selection, multi cursor.
Ctrl+P Shows a list of possible commands.
Ctrl+G Go to a line.
Ctrl+L Select line(s).
Ctrl+J JavaDoc/PHPDoc comment.


These events are introduced by the patched compile:

  • TAB_MIDDLE_CLICK: Runs when a tab is middle clicked.
  • TAB_MIDDLE_CLICK_BLANK: Runs when middle clicked on blank space on tab bar.
  • TAB_DOUBLE_CLICK_BLANK: Runs when double clicked on blank space on tab bar.

** Last tested in Textadept 10.8 under Linux 5.4 x86_64